Photo Op w some President & some Prop


Funny, I don’t remember progressive pearl clutching or righteous indignation from a Bishop back when this happened.

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    tiki god

    right, but how many peaceful protesters did he have to gas and beat to get that photo taken?

    and was he invited there?


    That’s what I was going to say.


    The main difference is that Clinton is leaving the church after attending a service.
    “WASHINGTON, : US President Bill Clinton waves his Bible followinn a church service at Foundry United Methodist Church 09 July 2000 in Washington”

    Kik Dogg

    He was just waving at somebody. The bible happened to be in his hand. It lives there.


    I love how we have these right-wing trolls on this site who think they’re making some kind of difference. We dunk on them constantly and they still believe they’re winning.


    It’s almost like someone is paying them to post on the internet…


    The Foundry United Methodist Church had clergy-women who were writing articles and encouraging Wiccan “croning” rituals. Reverend “Nancy Webb”. Here is an old article about the witchcraft infiltration at the church pictured in this photograph:

    tiki god

    this seems like complete bullshit


    Which part?

    tiki god

    all of it, obviously