hope – obama 2008

hope - obama 2008

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    As in, I hope we don’t get screwed again.


    HOPE that he’ll take my guns away because of some idiots that stole illegally-imported guns and used them in crimes. HOPE that he’ll tax the shit out of my income so that hundreds of thousands more people can play Xbox in their Navigator on weekday afternoons. HOPE that I can walk around having to look over my shoulder to see if a member of the citizen law enforcement is about to take me down because there’s no one to stop them other than the U.S. king, president, and Lord & Savior that doesn’t care for white folks unless they can… Read more »

    Special Kail

    @jascas_: yeah, lots of gay guys don’t like barack obama.


    1) the best argument you have is questioning my sexuality?? how can you even assume I’m a guy?

    2) quite married – my s/n is a combination of my initials and my wife’s…was a simple solution.

    3) you assume I have a problem with homosexuals. I take no issue with homosexuals of either gender and it is evident that you dislike them to one degree or another based on your use of their sexual preference in an attempt to discredit my ability to pose a logical string of arguments.



    @jascas_: i take serious issue with your retort.
    you seriously couldn’t find a punchier closer than asshat? c’mon- the intelligentsia on this site really need to break out some beefy polysyllabics when attempting a closing burn in that format. You should try and force them to use dictionary.com at the end of your comment. Oh- unless, that is, as a mature adult, you have decided to stoop to high school levels just because someone called you gay.


    Thank you for your concern, elzarcothepale, but the super-simple, aged, and duosyllabic “asshat” was my choice for a closer to not only impose irony on my 4-part argument (given that such brevity and ignorance was exactly what I was arguing against), but also to hopefully illustrate to S.K. that said ignorance, when contrasted to a well-worded, educated argument, makes the arguer look like a fool. Your time and comments are appreciated, though.


    yeah, gay guys usually appreciate my time and comments.



    hay hay.


    HOPE hes not the anti-Christ!

    Luke Magnifico

    How about LATIN FUN!

    Jascas is a :CAUDEX:

    Where will you run, when dictionary.com fails you? Where is your haven then?


    continuing with my numerical system of delineated talking points:

    1) I don’t use dictionary.com to form my arguments. Elzarcothepale suggested that I use it, but that’s the only mention of that site.

    2) A caudex? What?? I understand what a caudex is, but not why you called me that.

    3) Wikipedia, of course. Alas, my degrees are not in the sciences.


    HOPE somebody shoots him, I don’t like Biden but at least he might have something resembling a clue.

    Luke Magnifico

    What is your understanding of the word caudex? Clearly your degrees are not in classical studies, either.


    You’re right, LukeV1-5…accounting & taxation.

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caudex is my understanding. please enlighten…

    and DasMaus…that’s just silly.


    i’m just in favor of sesquipedalian flame wars.


    That’s the second time in my life that I’ve actually heard/seen the word ‘sesquipedalian’ – my most sincere accolades.

    @jascas_: Silly maybe, but heartfelt nonetheless 😉


    i’ve heard it twice as well.
    One time it was a college professor who used it to describe himself.
    The other was Ryan North, via T-Rex at Quantz.com.
    Clearly, (and totally sans sarcasm) the word is a linguistic high water mark.


    *cough* that’s www.quantz.com, rather. . .


    shouldn’t drink so early. . . www.qwantz.com– final comment before lobotomy.