Passive Smoking Kills




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    Robert Feal-Martinez

    Sadly it is only the gullible that would believe such adverts. I’ll sit in a sealed car with a smoker for 30 minutes, the time it takes apparantly to bring on a heart attack in a fit non smoker. If a representative from the DoH who commissioned these adds agrees to sit in a car without cigarette smoke but with the equivalent amount of exhaust fumes. Any takers. If you want to know the truth go to


    Your comment makes little sense. You imply that the commision says that sitting in a sealed car with exhaust fumes is not as bad as cigarette smoke. Who said that because I doubt anyone did. Also the ad doesnt say anything about the sealed car thing. Its just using imagery to get its message across. Notice how the smokers hands look like guns? Imagery


    Kero, On the contrary, The anti movement has since the 50’s claimed that traffic pollution is not a major cause but that smoke is. The add “uses imagery” to get a completely false message across. According to science passive smoke is less harmful than milk, olive oil and coffee and no-one has ever been shown to die from it. Why would the smoker in those ads who’s dosage is far greater over much longer periods of time be healthy while people around him died? They are just silly ads that are telling lies in the run up to the smoking… Read more »


    I remember that big “second hand smoke is less harmful than milk, olive oil, and coffee” study they did. Wasn’t that sponsored by newport. It is actually theorized that coffee may contain an anti-oxidant and may be healthy in moderation. Olive oil is also known to have some beneficial properties. Milk is very arguable, I for one think you shouldn’t drink much of it once your in your teens. I think you may be a little off on that statement. It’s not really been proven one way or another whether or not second hand smoke can kill you. It is… Read more »


    There are now over 150 studies into passive smoke, none of which show a risk ratio that is greater than the risks shown by studies into coffee, milk and olive oil. No, none of the above was sponsored by Newport; they were in the main sponsored by the anti-smoking movement and Pharmaceutical companies. Studies have shown that as little as 3 cups of coffee a day are bad for health so I’m not ‘off in that statement’. The fact that a substance contains health benefits as well doesn’t alter the risk they pose for detrimental effects. No, nothing of this… Read more »


    Passive smoking is a health hazard, and the scientific community has been doccumenting this since the early 80s, with more evidence garnered year by year for a variety of disorders and diseases. Attempts to describe passive smoking as similar risk to common activities has been a common tactic used by the tobacco industry to try to fight back against what they consider one of the biggest threats to their bottom line. Smoking bans are very effective in decreasing smoking. They have bought off a handful of labs and scientists (just human, with all the failings involved) to put out claims… Read more »

    Comrade Sergey

    This is awesome! Non-smokers ALWAYS die first! I’m serious! Smoking makes you IMMORTAL!!!

    raptor jesus

    The only post here that matters is the one right above mine. It is signed for TRUTHINESS.


    Whatever the truth, I prefer staying away from cigarette smokers. Smells nasty. Weed smells ok tho 🙂