Dictators 1st league

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    And who averaged the most per year?
    And who averaged the most of their ‘own’ people?



    the gripping hand

    TO be fair, you should probably add Kim Jong Il to Kim Il Sung – that would probably boost him Enver Pasha.


    And China still kept growing!!




    What does that even mean? Are you trying to imply that because Mao and Stalin suppressed religion in their regimes that they were personally atheists and therefore their actions/faults are attributable to all atheists? I mean, come on, are you fucking stupid or something? Fuck you.


    I’m not saying it. The pic is. Are those facts wrong? The top 2 killers on the list are atheist leaders.


    7 out of 10 of those on the list have facial hair, clearly this means people with facial hair are more likely to be murderous dictators.


    So true. Never trust a man w/ facial hair.




    Well, you could also bunch Kim Il Sung in with them too, he was technically non-religious, except that he thought he was god

    Insanely Rational

    First off, you have to separate the deaths resulting from sheer incompetence, from the ones resulting from malice. For instance, the Great Leap Forward caused the death of over 30 million Chinese due to largest famine in human history (wikipedia dixit), but for the most part, that was the result of sheer incompetence and the inherent incapacity of a communist regime to realize, let alone correct, its mistakes. Those people didn’t die because they pissed Mao off, or because he thought they deserved to die. They died because he made an incredibly stupid mistake and everyone else paid for it with their lives. And, plenty of Stalin’s deaths can also be attributed to sheer incompetence and ignorance. Though to be sure, in both cases there were lots of intentional killings.

    In most of the other cases (e.g., Hitler), they did intend every single killing that happened under their watch, with quite a few genocides to account for the large numbers of killings.


    It would be interesting to determine the percentage of individuals who perished who were members of the dictator’s own country.


    That bearded guy is actually Darwin!


    …. (sigh) …. No comment


    If Stalin’s sole motivation for having people killed was because they were religious, then having Trotsky, an atheist, assassinated wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

    If Hitler was solely concerned with destroying the Jewish religion, then ethnic Jews who were non-practicing, atheist, or converted Christians would have been safe, but they weren’t. Nor were the captured Soviet commissars that were executed.

    If Mao was killing in the name of atheism, then fellow atheists who believed the same damn things he did shouldn’t have wound up dead, but they did.

    A lack of belief in god(s) just doesn’t work as a justification, and claiming it does is just as absurd as blaming Tojo’s lack of belief in a flat Earth, or Pol Pot’s lack of belief in purple leprechauns for their crimes. Simply believing in god(s) is obviously not enough to turn someone into a slavering murderer, especially since the vast majority of religions preach non-violence, it has nonetheless been explicitly used as a justification for murder throughout history, and more often than not, those murders have been condoned by the leaders of the religion’s organized hierarchy. The same can not be said for atheism, and that’s a damn big difference.


    1 person killed – ~100 million people = Really bad/unethical/insane person/people.

    Any other discussion is beside the point and jargon. Religion/Non – religion. Who the fuck cares? Tons of people died for no logical reason. Real people with family/friends…lives like you and me.


    And you don’t have to be an insane dictator to do this shit. In fact it’s even more insane if it isn’t.


    i dont see NATO or BUSH on the list


    woa.. crazy frag points.. i came close to that in CS 1.5


    And we were semi-allies with stalin?! Well that sucks that we gave him all that equipment and supplies than, he used those against us right after that war and still took half of berlin.


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