Joyner Lucas – I’m Not Racist


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    tiki god

    Acting like a racist and saying racist things, then saying ‘oh but I’m not a racist, I just have things to say’.

    what a fucking idiot. How does he even still have a career after this?


    You’re wearing a MAGA hat. That means that, if you’re “not racist,” you still support one wholeheartedly. Which is racist.


    Methinks you should watch the whole video.

    tiki god

    not sure if you’re replying to me or to saborlas, but this video doesn’t look good for either of the idiots in it, nor the “artist” that came up with this bullshi.


    I think they did a bad job of the video. Seems like they were trying to explain positions on racism but failed horrible on how they executed it. Calling each other out on how some whites see some blacks and how some blacks see some whites was a bit over the top. I was about to end it very early on in the video honestly. The ending…cute I guess.

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