Confound you Heisenberg.


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    tiki god

    lol, I love these kind of jokes

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I am a huge geek. And a physicist to boot. But I didn’t even crack a smile at this. It’s pretty lame.


    If you don’t get this very funny comic, you are worthless. Shoot yourself.


    please explain


    The comic is funny from a historical and scientific standpoint. If you unfamiliar with the evil of the Nazis, then, you deserve to go the way of them; into oblivion. If you are unfamiliar with Heisenberg’s contribution to the understanding of the universe in which we live, then, you belong in Plato’s allegorical cave (therein you will soon expire).

    Not that one MUST think this comic is hilarious. However, one must, at very least, appreciate it.


    Heisenburg’s Uncertaincy Principle:
    You either know the location or velocity of a particle, but not both.


    Almost forgot, this is from a comic called The Dresden Codak ( If you like math/programming/science jokes XKCD ( is also good.


    Hahah heisenburg’s uncertainty principle. I just took chemistry and we learned about this. That makes one thing that i learned and actually used.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    evil_penguin linked to a good article, but stated the principle in a misleading way. The product of the uncertainty of position and the uncertainty of velocity must be greater thab or equal to hbar/2. You cannot know the exact position nor velocity, but the precision is inversely related.
    There are similar uncertainty relations between other properties such as time and energy.
    Also this joke old and lame.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I agree with reboot–the joke is pretty cliched, because it’s been done to death. It’s about as funny as a Schrodinger’s cat joke. All the artist has done is juxtapose Heisenberg with a slightly obscure, Nazi physicist. It’s the kind of joke that would appeal to people who think Dennis Miller’s inane, purposefully arcane similes are funny.


    Howie could be on to something. I enjoy Heisenberg, Schrodinger and Dennis Miller jokes.


    Though, I do understand reboot’s and Howie’s perspective (exept how some one can have “arcane similes”). Not everyone hears these kinds of jokes frequently, so they have not yet become so trite (though they still may be a little cliché). I frequently make esoteric jokes which no one even understands, let alone finds funny. So a comic like this is quite refreshing.

    Ok, ok here is one such joke: “Once a aria is baroque, it can never be romantic.” hehehehe

    t. durden



    Ahhh you nerds….gotta love that ‘zany’ humour and ‘entitled’ superiority!

    Now…CONFOUND ME if you will!