Loud Crash at 3am – Which Do You Grab?

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    Part of an ongoing documentary on why AKS-74U’s are better for sweeping up dirt than even the common household broom!


    Neither, shooting a 5.45x39mm round will not only kill the intruder, but also a neighbor or two as it continues through all your walls and theirs. A .45cal pistol is a proper response, after calling the police, when clearing the home of intruders and making sure it’s not one of your families members. In fact a good rule of thumb is don’t sneak into any home, even your own, if firearms are present.


    A) Nunchuks

    B) Proton pack

    C) ICBM

    D) All of the above, taped together.


    Lol, it looks like if he fires that rifle, he’ll knock himself down before hitting anything.


    I’m not a gunbuff or anything but I thought that the AK-47 used 7.62mm nato rounds?


    I’d prefer to grab a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot. With a shortened barrel and stock, of course.

    I do question, however, why this guy is holding that particular weapon in that particular fashion. It doesn’t seem quite…proper.


    AK-47 uses 7.62*39 rounds, quite different from 7.62 NATO and the AK-74 uses the 5.45. But it looks like both were mentioned above.

    Me personally, M1911 .45 cal with a Mosing Nagant model 45 Carbine with swing out bayonet as a back-up.


    Lets see:
    – Butt against shoulder. Check.
    – Peering down eye sight for accuracy. Check.
    – Both eyes open for maximum depth perception. Check.

    How is that not proper?


    his left hand isnt in the properly designated area, is it?


    Tactically it’s superior, albeit mislabled as improper.
    He’d have to deal with higher recoil force, decreasing stability, but would have a clearer line of sight, increasing potential accuracy.

    So he’d have an AWESOME shot, … for the first bullet.




    Basically, it doesn’t really matter where the hand goes just so long as whatever the shooter is doing works for him.

    Yeah, most people are probably taught to grip the handguard(or foreward grip, if available), but if it’s more comfortable or easier for you to shoot by gripping the magazine, then go for it.


    thanks mantis
    thats what i was goin for


    This looks suspiciously like another Oleg Volk picture, anyone know if it is?


    It does look like one of his.

    And I have to agree, a shotgun is much better for home defense.


    It shoots through schools!

    Moat FTW


    Today I’d have to go with: C) Sig P229 (w/ surefire G2) with 13 S&W.40cal 165gr. Federal Hydrashoks. It’s my all purpose bad-guy stopper. I suspect most people with experience would agree that an AK is a really bad idea inside a house, as it is almost guaranteed to over-penetrate at that range and just cause a clean puncture that goes out the other side. You’re likely to NOT kill the bad-guy and end up killing someone in the neighbor’s house. What you really want is to disperse all of the kinetic energy such that the bullet ends up just… Read more »


    ^ well-armed pacifist. 😉



    … Oh my god! I’m sorry son! Speak to me!


    Holy overkill, Batman…


    This is indeed another Oleg Volk picture, as regards over penetration; he could be using frangible ammo, or he might not have any neighbors nearby.


    The 5.45×39mm I stated was for mgear’s mentioned AKS-74U, not for the AK-47 which uses, of course, the 7.62×39mm. I do believe my opinion stands that using a very powerful assualt round to clear one’s own home is not tactically sound or safe to your family & neigbors.


    i might take either a HKMP5K, HKG36 or a HK416. The latter most is an improvement on the M4. It changes the gas system used to make it a more reliable gun. The MP5K is a little over a foot long and doesn’t have enough power to go into your neighbor’s house when he is getting intimate with his lady


    Secondly, confirm your target. Had a good friend that missed his curfew and his father shot him through the door. His father’s shock put him in the hospital in worse shape than my friend. Still has the bullet in his left shoulder.