You think YOU have a tough commute..

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    In modern Russia…

    Malta Soron

    If that gets involved in a collision… :O


    If that gets involved in a collision, it sucks for whatever it ran over. Unless it hits another one.

    Some of the other units in my Brigade have wrecked their Strykers on convoys. As a National Guard unit, we of course convoy from our Armories to the post where we train, in our case it is most often Fort Indiantown Gap. But people act like it is just another car moving down the road. They cut us off just like they do other drivers or tractor trailers, and like tractor trailers, we are heavy, and only can stop so fast….


    Not fun getting rear-ended by a BTR-80


    Doesn’t having a tank on the road make you feel safe?


    It is not a tank. I suspect it is an APC, but I an not really familiar with Russian victors.


    BTR-80 infantry fighting vehicle ( a type of personnel carrier) I feel bad for whoever wrecks into it. At least all the BTR will need is a fresh coat of paint, and thats it.


    I always consider buying an old personnel carrier for the zombie invasion. They are out there available for purchase.


    actually, russia IS actually selling the older models to the basic citizens who can afford it

    If you want a 70’s-80’s model BTR of your very own, go to russia


    Plus they’re amphibious – so you get a free boat!