That Joanne! She’s Got Nerve.

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This is a screen shot from my works “harrassment prevention” training. LAME. Worst 2 hours of my life.

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    tiki god

    I hereby open this post up for lame work related training.

    My best one was when I was trainging for Sams Club. We got 4 hours of tape put on a table in front of us, and were told to ‘watch them all, they’re very important.’

    we proceeded to take a nap.


    We have a monthly training session. Every year we do Hypothermia awareness in June, and Heat exaustion in January. Cracks me up everytime. Especially hypothermia, I’m in GEORGIA jackasses. Like I ever need to be aware of hypothermia on the job.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Steven Seagal does corporate waste of time tapes now?


    Hrm. Sorry, a woman wearing sexy outfits doesn’t really have any room to complain if guys stare. Of course, no, that doesn’t mean they’re “asking for it” if they get raped or some such. But, seriously, you wear an outfit that shows off your body and guys are gonna look.


    I once worked with a chick who complained because the big, sparkly necklaces she wore itched badly. I asked her why she wore them. She said so guys won’t stare at her boobs in her low-cut tops. I asked why she wore THOSE. “Because I want to look sexy.”

    o_o. . .


    wait a minute…where does this guy work that joanne is ‘always wearing these tight pants and midriff tops’. i wanna meet joanne.


    Mr.Bungle: See… now that kind of behavior is not permitted. You learned nothing.


    i like to go by one simple rule when it comes to sexual harassment. it’s not harassment unless i take my dick out, then it’s love. so in theory it’s never harassment.


    How is this harassment??

    The guy is a nutbag, but sexual harassment? I don’t see it.

    If a woman has a problem with this type of guy, she grew up playing on the wrong playgrounds.


    I don’t understand why it’s sexual harassment if a guy stares or notices a woman who wears sexy outfits to work, but it’s not sexual harassment for a woman to wear openly sexual outfits to work. There are few workplaces where a midriff is acceptable work-wear.


    Our office harrasment training (and security training, etc) is also pretty silly. I mean someone actually went through the effort to make that program.


    “How will I get attention away from my chest? I Know! I’ll put something big and sparkly on it”

    Doesn’t she know all men are part magpie?
    If it’s big and shiny, we’ll notice it. And if it’s near tits then we can even sense it.


    Hey, I know Joanne! She dresses all slutty and talks really sleazy but she’s actually just fishing for a chance to file a sexual harrassment lawsuit. She gives THE BEST blowjobs, just don’t let her do it in the workplace no matter what she says.

    Alec Dalek

    The only people this approach to training would work on, don’t need the training in the first place. The idiots that need to shape up will just keep clicking next.


    Christian Slater looks good there- i bet he’ll nail Joanne.-that slut!


    No… the best videos are the child protection videos.
    “Then he told us we were going to play monkeys, and he said that monkeys don’t wear clothes.”


    At one of my old workplaces, the video we had showed probably the worst racist joke I’ve ever heard.

    It showed these two guys in the deli who were talking, and then this other guy walked up and the conversation went like this:

    “Hey, Jim. You’re the new guy, right?”
    “I heard you’re Jewish. I BET YOU’RE GONNA MAKE US SOME GOOD BAGELS, HUH!?!”
    And then the two guys started snickering and laughing.


    I remember at my first job they handed out Sexual Harassment pamphlets & it said if you stare at someone for more than 7 seconds, you’re officially harassing them.

    After that all you would hear is people counting to 6 alligators/mississippis/one-thousands out loud all day and looking away.


    I remember the last time I had to watch a sexual harassment video. First they showed a couple of scenes of guys harassing employees, and then I’m sure they felt all progressive, because they showed a scene of a guy getting sexually harassed- by another guy.

    When the manager asked us what we’d learned, I raised my hand and said “Only men can sexually harass anyone.” I think that was when she decided she didn’t like me.


    Reminds me of last Halloween here in NY. Taking the train home from the parade, this girl gets on wearing a thong and fishnets and some bustier crap (generic slutty halloween uniform). Anyway, she stood out, she looked good. And then she opened her idiot mouth:

    “What are you looking at?! Geez!”

    Are other women really this dumb??? I know when I dress sexy, and I LOVE the stares. 😛


    My office uses this video:


    I agree with what hes saying though.

    Do I walk around with my dong flapping around? No, because I dont want people staring at my crotch.

    I dont see where the glitch is in some women. They walk around with their ta tas hanging out and expect men not to walk into walls staring at them. Its not a choice we make to look, its biological.


    camusapprentice: Seriously. I’m a female not into females and even I have a hard time not looking at cleavage.

    I have never worked somewhere that provided sexual harassment training. The contracts I signed covered it it being a fireable offense but that’s it.

    True harassment is wrong but the women who are paranoid and mistake meaningless things as harassment need a series dose of reality.

    I don’t have a problem standing up for myself and saying, “No” which is something that many women DO have a problem with. On average, the real harassment cases aren’t reported. It’s the frivolous BS that ends up on the books.


    outofocus: Right on.


    I get pissed off at women that make a ridiculous deal out of supposed sexual harassment. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is sexual harassment/hostile work environment and what isn’t. Women don’t seem to want to be put in the situation of having to say NO. Get over it and learn to stand up for yourself w/out whining to HR about the guy in the next cubicle. Harassment is when you’ve said no, made it clear that you’re not interested several times and it only get worse.


    nyokki: Amen!


    dorix: That was hysterical and kinda…sexxxy.


    But you can’t make money by acting that way.


    thelotuseater725: Well, that explains a few things.


    “Sexual Harassment Panda”


    I get pissed off at women that are all “Hey, stop following me to my car after work” and “Why were you trying to hide in the bushes in my front yard last night” or “Quit panting at me.”

    Pft. Like they don’t want the attention. They’ve got boobs, don’t they?

    I rest my case.


    nyokki: Because, yanno, women aren’t capable of sexual harassment. True story! :p Love our society, don’t you? Double-standards everywhere.


    Tyger42: When they’re in a position of power it may be just as likely for women as for men. Women do sexually harass men all the time. The men just don’t seem to mind. If your secretary tries to get you in bed, it could be considered sexual harassment, but I’ll bet that never gets reported.


    nyokki: Some men don’t mind and the ones who do mind don’t say anything because our society hasn’t gotten to the point that they are willing to accept that men can be victimized. Just look at the way male rape is viewed.


    And then there was the poor guy who worked at a porn editing company and talked about his Prince Albert. He was fired for sexually harassing the poor women who worked with him. WTF? I do believe litigation is ruining this country.


    Annarchy: What the hell!? I mean, if he was being a perv about it that’s one thing… but even then, a warning should be given before firing someone. The female that complained needs to be super glued to a dump truck.


    : Yeah, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around sexual harassment at a company that edits porn. What kind of policies could you possibly have in place?


    Annarchy: What a company does has absolutely no bearing on the definition of sexual harassment.


    : I think it should have everything to do with it. Wouldn’t the fear of being fired curtail useful, work-related conversation? Meh, I’m old-fashioned. I still think it’s wrong to legislate common sense and that we should all be able to behave like adults at work.


    Annarchy: I don’t think that it does.

    The situation that you mentioned is lame. If the guy simply mentioned and/or discussed his penis piercing then he should not have been fired. The female employee could have removed herself from the conversation or asked him to stop talking about it. And this should apply if they work for a company that produces porn or databases.

    Harassment is harassment, period. Inappropriate behavior is no less inappropriate just because the company makes porn. If one human is forcing themselves onto another, be it physically or verbally, that is harassment.

    Many of the things labeled as sexual harassment simply are not. I’ve always been “one of the guys” so no matter where I’ve worked, I’ve been privy to the conversations men usually avoid having around women. All I can say is women miss out on some really fantastic funnies because they’re so afraid of being victimized.

    It’s sad that they do not realize that they are often choosing to be victims in situations that they have total control.


    : I agree with you that the ‘victims’ have control. I’ve been one of the guys for most of my life, too. And, yeah, I find that the women who would never isten to men talk about women or get offended easily end up not understanding men at all. But, like I said, common sense should not be legislated.


    Annarchy: I totally agree.


    What bothers me about these “frivolous” harassment lawsuits is that it takes away from the suits that are real…and serious.


    nyokki: Exactly. I’m glad CA has put some laws into play to help stop those frivolous law suits from happening. I personally think they should have a law “Darwin Law” for situations when people die doing stupid things .

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