2016 Game of The Year!

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I’m really pulling for Pac-Man, that was a fun one!


2016 Game of the Year is ROCKET LEAGUE:

Rocket League

I found it to be boring and silly.  If you voted for this game for GAME OF THE YEAR 2016, Please try to justify this horrible decision in the comments below!

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    democracy won?


    Just because Rocket League got the most votes doesn’t mean it won. You have to ask wait for the electoral college to democratically reinterpret your votes and choose the game of the year.


    Well, I’m a 50% off steam sale kinda guy, so I’m pretty much still in 2015 and Obama is still my president.


    I didn’t think it was boring. I don’t like racing, and I don’t like soccer, but I thought this game was pretty entertaining. Game of the year? Close, but no.