Find the Value of your home!

Ever wondered just how bad the housing market is?  Want to see what your home is worth? has a nifty little feature now that will tell you what a particular address is currently worth.  What black magic they’re using to figure this out, I have no clue, but apparently my house has depreciated about $15,000 since I bought it 2 years ago.

Also, you can look up your neighbor’s address as well.  Some creeper stuff right there.

Look up your home value (please note that this is all part of a contest to see who can get the most clicks to that site.  I think I win a pony if I get the most clicks)

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    Pretty sure that black magic can hiccup sometimes cause in my neighborhood of 90-200k homes it pops up with two houses having 1.4M prices. Except that those two houses are, in fact, the street.


    my next door neighbor has the highest price,
    I have the 3rd, lulz


    the meth in their make-shift lab balances the value they lost due to damage.


    useless site, didn’t even know my address
    We’re sorry. We could not locate any location based on what you entered. Please try your search again


    It didn’t even tell me it couldn’t find my address, just went straight back to the main page and pretended I wasn’t there.
    My address is in Australia, so I’m hardly surprised…


    Mine is worth a tad over $100,000 than I paid for it 14 years ago, which in this economy is not too bad.


    My house’s value went down about $12,000 since we bought it in 2008, most of the depreciation according to that site, happened in September. The picure is at least 4 years old.


    Try addresses I know exist = “We’re sorry. We could not locate any location based on what you entered. Please try your search again.”

    Try “Nate’s house” = houses worth $290K



    I hope no one takes this site seriously. They listed my home as two years older, zero bedrooms and only one bath. The lot square footage is off, too. Guess I’ll be sleeping on the couch ’til I get that bedroom attached.


    Oh, and the map shows it across the street and two doors down.


    I just had a real appraisal done and that site appraised the house $16k more then the actual appraisal. It would have been nice if it was accepted by the bank as a real figure during my refinance though.


    Most of the sites that tell you value over the internet are using whatever public data they find, so tax assessment values are the most common. They also take homes sales into account if there are any, but don’t adjust for any variables. So more often then not, they are off by a lot, and it just a question of how much and which direction.


    House is worth $200,000 (ok), but acreage is worth a total of $10,000… even though it’s going for $45,000+ an acre around here.


    i put in my address and it shows the house four houses up the street from me… and when i scroll up to my house, the lots all around them have prices in the range of $225k-$250k, which i’m pretty sure is WRONG… but, although it shows my house pretty clearly, apparently i don’t live in one of their nifty little “lots with prices”…


    My house is worth $1.5 million. Even though it is in a rough neighborhood. And is an apartment building.


    Sez the north-of-Boston condo I bought back in 2000, for $89,900 (a steal, but there’s a story attached to that…) is now worth $115,000, which sounds about right…pretty sure I could’ve gotten at least 140K for it before late 2008. I’ve been working down the principle, but only recently. Even if I sold it for that estimate, I still wouldn’t have enough left over for a down on a decent place these days (in NYC, mind you.)

    fracked again

    The value of this post has depreciated since it was originally put up by Tiki.


    I have two lots, one has my house on it, one is my back yard. Total of .77 acres. Next door there is a .55 acre lot with a condemned abandoned house on it. My house is listed as 198K, the unimproved back yard is 199K and the condemned wreck is 220K. Yea, the voodoo is funky.


    Has the mansion (3 stories, brick four fireplaces, 3 care garage with yoga studio above) two doors down listed at $186k. Very accurate (not).