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dropmix base game 1024x1024 Dropmix

Developed with Harmonix, creators of Rock Band and Dance CentralFast-paced music mixing game that lets you create unexpected song mixesKeep the music pumping with 3 ways to play: Freestyle, Clash, and PartyIncludes 60 DropMix cards featuring music from top artists and popular songs

Original MSRP was $100, which was a non-starter for me. They recently dropped the price to $50 and I had a $30 credit on my account. $20 was a great price point to try out Dropmix, which ended up being a great game with some real show stopping problems. For the original $100 they would be outrageous problems, for $20 they’re just minor annoyances.

Some of the annoyances include:

  • the mind boggling decision to have a screw on the battery compartment, so when you pull the game out every six months, you’ll need a screwdriver
  • requiring four AA batteries with no way to plug the main deck in
  • using blue tooth instead of a cable
  • only supporting specific versions of android and iOS, out of the four tablets we have in my house, none of them were compatible with the game, so we had to use our phones which do not have great speakers, I’m going to try to plug my phone into a speaker or something the next time I play it.
  • No instructions included in the box, you’ll need to watch a video streamed from the Hasbro site, several times in our case.  there’s a giant fold out sheet of paper included in the box with all sorts of cool colors and designs on it which i assumed was going to be the game play instructions, but instead it was instructions on where to download the apps from. Google Play Store and Apple App Store for those of you wondering.
  • IRL DLC for $15 a pack for a dozen or so cards.  i think I’ll only be getting those when they eventually get down to $5 a pack.
  • This game isn’t going to work in 10 years, so get your playing in now.

All that being said, it’s a fun card game that has music playing in the background.  You don’t even need to hear the music to play the game, it’s all about playing cards with the right bonuses on the screen and knocking your opponent’s cards off the play deck.  I still think it’s a hard sell at $50 and would only suggest buying it if you can get it for around $25.

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