Remnant From the Ashes on Steam

The world has been thrown into chaos by an ancient evil from another dimension. As one of the last remnants of humanity, you must set out alone or alongside up to two other survivors to face down hordes of deadly enemies to try to carve a foothold, rebuild, and retake what was lost.

I really enjoyed the base game, the core gameplay loop of entering into an area, killing all the bad guys, then moving on was well done and the fighting feels tight and well done. Sadly, the base game is pretty short, taking me and a buddy only about 20 hours to get through. There are two DLCs (which I purchased, the base game was free on Epic Game Store), but neither DLC gives me the same satisfaction as the main game did, and in fact some of the extra game modes are just straight up turrible. (did they come with the DLC or were they there already?)

I do suggest the base game, but the rest of it can be skipped. Free is a great price, so if you were able to snag it from Epic, you should give it a chance.

There’s some gameplay video up on if you’d like to watch it.

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