these are you only two choices

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    It’s true if you live in some states, OK.


    Bull. Go try and see for yourself just how once you cut it down to issues and policies, the qualitative differences between the major candidates becomes clear. I personally can’t compromise enough to even draw remotely close to the Republican party while I get 88% Stein and 82% Obama on my first\optimal run. My sister on the other hand is a strong Republican voter and she got all her candidates all lined up with 2% differences but again nothing remotely similar to a Democrat. The two-party system works just fine for me. And I don’t see any real, sane,… Read more »


    If Stein is a better fit for you(88% vs 82%), then the two party system is preventing a candidate who is more in line with your views from gaining traction. So a two party system actually hurts the quality of available candidates.
    I liken it to the free market: When there is more competition, competitors will need to improve their products/services. Right now what we’ve got it an oligarchy.


    Its actually not that surprising, and not because you guys are doomed in any way but because two parties trying to capture the average voter are going to look much like each other.

    fracked again

    Good to see Obama listed as a moderate-right wing authoritarian. Finally something accurate, not the standard line of how he is a commie/socialist.


    I’m not sure what the downturn in the two-party system is. I presently live in a country here in Europe with 26 parties on the ballot… sorting it out is a nightmare. Everything from “Be Kind to Animals Party” to “No Sex on Sundays Party” and of course the 8 top major parties to make things easier for the brain-dead… in the end you have governments that are full of compromises and the lines so blurred it doesn’t matter whether you have a Prime-Minister (president) or not… and nothing fucking gets done. In Germany, every election they have a guy… Read more »


    And politics in a two-party system aren’t full of compromise? For the last four years I’ve been hearing quite a lot about how Obama can’t do this or that the way he wants to because he doesn’t have the necessary majority in congress. I have no idea why it took Belgium so long to get it’s shit together but conflict between the Flemish and the Walloons seems to be one of the main reasons. In Germany we may have 27 parties on the ballot but not all of them in every state and since 19 of them didn’t even get… Read more »


    dumshit chart is dumb


    This post paid for by the Republican Party.

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