Free Healthcare is Expensive!

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    socialist chimp needs to keep his greasy hands out of my medicaid



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    nobody-knows got censored by an individual butthurt cultural marxist. Doesn’t change the fact that nobody-knows is completely correct.


    Oh, and I’m monitoring the votes on this comment, btw. For educational purposes…


    From what I remember, there were noble intentions. Then came a closed door session with health care/health insurance lobbyists, and out came the mandatory insurance requirement.


    Are these the same noble intentions that were for Iraq? Different president yes, but you see how I can construe your flimsy argument and apply it to a different scenario. Seems politicians do a lot out of good intentions, but somehow the effects of their actions produce little to no benefits for the common people.

    From what I remember, Obama could have vetoed the bill. Funny, he signed it anyway.

    Ignore whatever propaganda read/watch on the tv/internet and open your eyes.


    ^ this


    Did you actually “this” your own fucking commment?!?



    Did you just assume that everyone commenting without an account is the same person, while commenting without an account?

    top kek.


    “nobody-knows got censored by an individual butthurt cultural marxist.”
    “Did you just assume that everyone commenting without an account is the same person, while commenting without an account?”

    Already answered his own question.
    How stupid is this Overlymanlyman?
    The butthurt must burn.


    Hey GroupGrope, I can do it too!


    Ghosts everywhere he looks.


    Free healthcare? There isn’t free healthcare anywhere in the world. Somebody’s paying for it. Did you Americans think a healthcare fairy was going to come to the rescue?

    The only question is: pay for it through taxes, or pay for it through the nose. Right wing Americans favour the second option. The rest of the world favours the first.


    Actually, Americans who are not ignorant about the realities of the US healthcare system prefer the system we had to the system the rest of the world favors. We prefer our system because it results in statistically higher survival rates for cancer, heart disease and other dread diseases than those found in the much “superior” systems found around the world. If the US system worked as well as the rest of the world there would many thousands of additional dead Americans every year.


    Depends how you are making the comparison. Studies comparing Canada and the US have gone either way, but incidence of various cancers and diseases are different between the two countries as well. Overall the outcomes are very similar. Very small differences and approximately equal numbers of studies show one country fares better than the other in outcomes. If America does shows better outcomes, it is a very slight advantage. One significant difference between the two countries is outcomes of wealthy versus poor. Wealthy Americans do better than poor, but in Canada and other countries with “socialized medicine” this difference is… Read more »


    In Canada you usually wait 3 – 8 hours to see a doctor or you make an appointment between 10 – 2 on certain days when he’s in.
    Americans pay average twice as much expect the middle class who pay 5 times as much in Canada than their less taxed counterparts in the USA. I worked in health care specifically working with the purchasing department and Canadians also buy older, less efficient surgical lasers.


    expect – except


    Wait times are a problem in Canada, because governments ration availability, and there is a shortage of medical professionals.
    A large percentage of Canadian medicine and nursing graduates are “poached” by American headhunters.
    No system is perfect.
    Capitalists usually measure things in benefit vs. cost ratios though, and on this measure American health care falls way behind all other western nations.


    Unless you work hard and make good money. Then its the best in the world.

    Sort of like everything else in America and that makes America different and better.


    You think government funded anything works out cheaper?

    Ya a lack of competition and laws making sure the favourable people to the self appointed elite get all the business really drives the prices down, moron.

    The rest of the world does not favour the first. The rest of the first world is dragged down by the mentality you express though.




    I am so sick of fucking assholes from other countries telling me as an American what is right and what is wrong with America. I (along with any other rational thinking American) don’t give a flying fuck what some shitbag like you in some shithole of a third world country think about our country. That’s one. Two: Most right leaning Americans prefer that everyone should get off of their fucking asses, get a goddamn job, and pay for their own fucking healthcare like those of us who work, and pay for all of our own shit, do. The government healthcare… Read more »


    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Maybe, paving that road is one of those magical shovel ready jobs we heard so much about.


    I really need to be reminding myself this is a site for pictures of cute women in costumes and stop reading the comments in political posts. Note to me: Fark is for politics, MCS is for bonerz and lolz.


    Probably about time to just stop reading the comments on this site.