Legalize Cannabis

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    It’s the only way it will happen… so buck up the tax and have it legality…..


    He lost that leg in a pot smoking accident.

    casemods UID# 667

    so much rage

    anything that makes lots of money quick and tax free = must be taxed or illegal

    drugs, sex, etc…

    The day I lose my job, and have to live in my car, which would be payed for, and a cop tried to take it because I can’t afford to “register it” every year is the day I go postal.

    We are not free.


    And you wouldn’t have to go homeless and live in your Jimmy if you just stop spending money on the fucking thing.


    if they ever legalize fail,….then tax the crap out of it, and enforce a restriction on it that users must keep the smell inside their homes or get a fine for inflicting the substance on others