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Just kidding.


What Illegal war did Obama start? Libya – that was NATO and not illegal.


Conservatives don’t do facts.
They just say what they’re told.


Logic + Republican trolls =


more memes will definitely convince me.


Pretty sure bombing the shit out of a sovereign nation with whom one is not at war is considered at least fairly impolite. (libya) Guantanamo is still there. Extraordinary maneuvering to get your god (the obamunist) to formally state that he wouldn’t murder Americans with drones. (still open season on everyone else though) And has anyone read anything on the NSA lately? Anyone? One can be forgiven for thinking that logic is a conservative thing because I know it often seems that way. FYI – DNC and/or (same same) MSNBC talking points (titled “Talking Points”) should not be confused with… Read more »


Most people don’t want to wake up, they’re afraid of what may follow.


I don’t think this is it exactly. I think apathy and convenience are probably doing more than fear.


I’m surprised at how many blind lemmings and Obama apologists frequent this site. As Mulder used to say, “The truth is out there.”


Democrats suck and Republicans blow. Stop defending the indefensible. Stop buying into the fake left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative. It is and has always been us, the People, vs. them, the political class who exist to enrich themselves at our expense, who seek to expand their power by curtailing our freedom and trampling on our rights.