christiantity – contradictions

christiantity - contradictions


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    still better than that ripoff religion atheism


    thats funny, considering that man created god.

    People start religion. People can stop it.


    Christianity, the Judaism ripoff.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You actually think somebody ripped off the jews and not the other way around? It’s kind of their thing, doorknob.


    Racist trolling, how quaint and original.

    fracked again

    Oddly, Maggie is correct. Its a one in a million thing. Judaism is a mixture of other religions including the Canaanite and Babylonian religions. The YHWH cult added some new stuff while they wiped Baal and Ashurah out of the old books and took over.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Point out when I ever haven’t been correct. Disagreeing with me or anyone doesn’t make them incorrect. Unless you’re a socialist nazi.


    xianity is just a poor sequel. stick with the original.


    I thought this picture was pretty funny so I looked googled each quote and their meanings. Then I googled the first quote about hatig your family. Each Christians that “explained” what it meant that I read all said about the same thing: Not to take it literal, but to read between the lines.



    I’ve seen some versions that swap it around for positive language (which, to me, has no place in the Bible because if you swapped all the negative language for positive language you’d rewrite the entire book) and say something along the lines of “He who loves anything more than me, be it even their own family, their children, or themselves, cannot be my disciple” because “he who loves their life will lose it, but he who hates their life will live eternally” (John 12:25) – which cheapens every single aspect of what life is as a whole, something I’m wholly at odds with.

    Both versions are ridiculous in their own ways – one’s a direct contradiction in a book that professes pure truth in the word of God, and the other says “Love me more than anything else and you can live forever.” Not the first time I’ve heard that promise come up in religions and/or cults.

    Why is it that all of the messiahs say, “I AM THE ONLY WAY TO GOD,” yet no one ever comes from the holy aether and says “Hey, this OTHER guy was totally legit.” ?


    Christianity is a rip off of ancient religions.

    Look it up.

    Luke Magnifico

    Yes, we know. We all know. You should stop telling us.



    Christianity is a rip off of ancient religions.
    Look it up.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Consider that those religions are rip offs of previous religions.

    Everything comes from something else. It’s called the rule of the necessary existent and is a rule applied by the basics of Islam funnily enough. By following that line of logic the end result is accepting that there is a God and like everything else religion was created by him.

    It certainly doesn’t hurt Christianity or it’s validity.

    All religions and people started somewhere. It’s where we’ve ended up that matters and the first world has succeeded by following Jesus. That’s a fact. Colonialism, the crusades, hell America exists in part because of the direction Christianity gave people and the moral core to follow it.

    People online are half wit pseudo intellectuals so while it seems like the intellectual elite are these athiest types those people are in fact fucking retards who don’t knwo what the fuck they’re crying about and mostly it’s just faggots crying because like all religions and civilizations faggots are bottom feeding cast outs.

    So ya. That’s my rebuttal.


    That a lot of writing and, funny enough, pseudo-intellectualism just to say, “Yeah, it’s probably not the exact word of God that it claims to be, but the ends justify the means.”

    Not that I wholly disagree – I’m a Godless man, and even I fear the Godless world.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    …but that’s not what I said…


    Yeah, thats a scary world, where people don’t kill each other based on religious tenets. Where, instead of Muslim and Fundamentalist Christian sharia, there is secular, civil law.


    >those religions are rip offs of previous religions.
    >It certainly doesn’t hurt Christianity or it’s validity.


    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    If all religions are ripoffs and the religions Christianity rips off are themselves rip offs (let’s say derivative of) then Christianity is no less valid for it because if it is then ALL religions are subject to the same scrutiny.

    It’s just fashionable with some people to bash Christians.

    I’m not Christian. I just see the bias and in pointing it out I get attacked for it.

    Which is why the so called athiests you have to endure today are the worst people around when it comes to religion.

    They’ll tell you more people have been killed for religion than in any war. The truth is more people have been killed because of the religion by people who have a differing belief system.

    Pictures like these and the people who make them are derivative of the kind of hate monger mass murderers they want everyone to think religious people are.


    What the heck are you talking about lol?

    You admit Christianity, like many other religions, is copied off of older religions.
    How does that not affect the validity of it?
    It basically proves that all of Christianity was fiction.

    I’ve been atheist all my life. I never believed in Santa or the Easter Bunny. I’ve never hopped on an “atheist bandwagon”.

    I simply think that it’s time as a people to move on from religion and embrace logic, science, and reasoning. Religion holds us back as a people and that is an indisputable fact.

    Christians are “bashed” because they don’t make any sense. If they stay within the confines of “Look, this is faith-based. I have no rational reason to believe this, but I do. So, just leave me alone.” Then people would leave them alone.

    But American Christians love to interpose their beliefs onto others. Using this same nonsensical value system that has no basis in reality. And it affects our foreign policy, drug policy, defense policy, environmental policy, education policy, [fill-in].

    All because they believe in imaginary beings that have imaginary properties.

    They should just shut up, and they will stop being “bashed.”

    fracked again

    Cobra is a rip off of Marvel Comic’s Hydra, therefore, GIJoe is true.

    Or people just made it up and ripped off earlier stories that they liked.


    I wish atheists would quit trying to convert everyone to their religion.


    Have you accepted FSM as your personal savior?


    [hahy-pur-buh-lee] noun Rhetoric .
    1. obvious and intentional exaggeration.
    2. an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally, as “to wait an eternity.”

    You are all so easily trolled. Hey, fellas, look what I can do if I ignore simple teaching technique and add a bit of ignorance, malice, and dumbassery…
    The rest of Luke 14:26 says you have to “hate your soul” too
    Matthew 22:37, 38 says to love your God “with your whole soul” (which you hate) and to love your neighbor as you love yourself (which again…you hate)
    So I guess the bible is saying hate everyone and everything, right?
    There are some things in the bible that you can reasonable question and/or take exception to. This image? This right here? Is bullshit. Stop it.


    If one is to make the assumption that the supposed Word of God is taught through hyperbole, it makes one wonder what other claims of Jesus’ claims and promises were just him exaggerating.


    You mean like when he told people to “eat his flesh and drink his blood”? Or that you have to remove the literal straw in your eyes before you can remove the literal rafter sticking out of your brother’s? Or that it’s easier to fit a camel through a needle’s eye than for a rich person to give up his grasp on his possessions? Come the fuck on bro. This ain’t rocket surgery.

    His entire body of work isn’t all exaggeration, but damn, it happens sometimes, and it makes a strong point when you aren’t so preoccupied grasping at straws. Please don’t act like, all of sudden, hyperbole in teaching a point means “you can’t trust this dude”.


    I’m not saying that people who trust his word shouldn’t trust his word, I’m being snarky in a way that says, “If so much of what he said is up to man to interpret the hyperbolic or literal value of, perhaps be more wary of man who professes to know his word.”


    Ennnhhhh…I kinda-sorta agree with what you’re saying. But considering that Jesus taught, not to the intellectuals, but to the poor, sick, farmers and such, his illustrations and hyperboles were *usually* pretty clear cut. When people fuck with it, then yea, it can get confusing.
    Take OPs pic for instance. He purposefully left out the part in Luke 14 that mentions “hating…even your own soul” because he has to twist the scripture to make his point. In reality, only an idiot without a shred of reasoning ability would look at that scripture and say “Jesus is telling me I literally need to hate my friends, relatives, wife, kids and to have low self-esteem to be his disciple…” As if the only way to salvation is to be an angry, forever alone, recluse with clinical depression.


    I guess Jesus wasn’t smart enough to understand that being literal is an improvement on using hyperbole when instructing ignorant peasants.

    Imagine how much less confusion there’d be if you didn’t have to use excuses to cover up the contradictions that litter the bible, not to mention that you have to sort out what’s hyperbole *from a book that contains fantastical claims* .

    Fine, if it were a book that didn’t claim that the world was flooded and that snakes can talk and that there are angels and 4-headed monsters, then hyperbole would make more sense.

    In short: Jesus was an idiot.


    The thing is, all these christians get excited about how the Bible is the “literal, inerrant word of God” (the southern fundamentalists love that mindless phrase). But then, whenever you try to actually quote the thing, you always get shot down, because “you’re taking it out of context!!!1!!”


    The maker of this graphic has made a visual freudian slip. See how Jesus has been given a headache by the willfully poor understandings of verse meanings that led them to their conclusion.


    Have you ever wondered why they call the bible “the word” and not “the words”?

    there’s only one message. everything stated in the book is just an attempt to describe it. You try describing something simple to a bunch of retards.


    You can only call it “one message” if you exclude most of the book.


    It’s the literal, inerrant word of God. It’s either true or it isn’t. Unfortunately for fundamentalist christians, that means if you find it to be fallible in any area, then the whole work is not what it claims to be. It’s not that hard to become an atheist. All you have to do is actually read the bible.

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