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we are here and we are not going anywhere

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    Alec Dalek

    Enrollment must be down these days with all the bad press. Kinda like what the Catholics went through with pedophilia.


    lulz, posted by anonymus


    Classic case of thetan envy.

    Alec Dalek

    I’ve always wanted to get my hands on an e-meter and take it apart. I suspect it just picks up background radiation. Probably if you could go back in time to just before Tesla invented the radio, it wouldn’t work as well.


    Since Optimus Prime is an alien, he should know the truth about Xenu and all that stuff, so, I trust him when it comes to facts about scientology.


    There was a protest on 3/15 in Lahti, Finland. According to the press the Scientology representative was “scared about the masked protesters.”

    Next protest is APRIL 12th. I wonder if the press is better equipped this time…


    LOL Optimus Prime is Anonymous… That rawks…