How to ask for oral sex

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Begging never works.

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    ask? pfft


    When I had to ask it was: “Can you finish up?”. Asking is for pussies.


    Where are guys finding all these girls that are so reluctant to give head?


    I was wondering the same thing. Are they trying to talk 16 yr old into or what? Every adult women I know enjoys giving head, our level of control is the peak of power.


    I always just say – if you want it, you gotta give it. The better you give, the better you get.

    Works for guys as well as girls.


    This sounds like some sit-com crap to me. You know what’s a hell of a lot better than a bad relationship? No relationship. If the situation is what’s indicated in the graphic, leave. You wanna know how to have the opposite of the situation in the graphic? Grab your mate and give him or her a completely awesome overload of pleasure. Do this whenever such things occur to you. If there is not reciprocity, there is a problem. If there is reciprocity, the world becomes a happier, brighter place, because you made *2* people happy (or more, if that’s how… Read more »


    Never say please.
    Never beg.
    Be confident.
    Don’t be arrogant.
    Know when the moment’s right.

    It’s just like dating, or anything else.


    If you need a chart, you’re doing it wrong. This chart may be one of the silliest things I’ve read in a while. Hopefully it’s a joke.

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