sex orientation gender

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    awesome pic. Only thing I disagree with is the term “want” in the description of gender. Gender is hardcoded into the brain just as much as sex is hardcoded into your physiology. You can’t grow a vagina just because you “want” to be female. Mental gender is no different. There’s no “want” about it.
    Don’t get it? Google sexual dimorphism of the human brain. A “male” brain doesn’t necessarily go with a “male” sex.


    And here I was thinking that I made a conscious decision to love boobs based on loving conformity to almighty God’s will . . . In all seriousness, though, looking at it in such a reverse fashion does make a lot of the homophobic viewpoints of “the right” look more than a little stupid. I’ve been instinctively seeking out exclusive partnerships with females since I grasped the concept of social interaction as a toddler; far longer than I’ve known what a “girlfriend” was, never mind the purpose of such a relationship. Knowing that I’ve known what I was wired for… Read more »


    ironicapple is confused about all three.


    I understand this concept, but I don’t understand the difference between gay and queer.


    Gay just means homosexual. Queer is used as a pejorative synonym for gay by homophobes. But some actual gay people use it as a political statement. Its a bit more confrontational as a word than gay. Some gay people also use the word to “take it back”.

    There’s also Gender-Queer which is the “fuck you, none of the above” answer to gender


    Hmm, you missed a post Maggie.