Dear humans

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    People ask me “why do you dive with sharks” Aren’t they dangerous?”

    I just say humans kill a million sharks to every one of us they kill. Who’s dangerous?


    I find it interesting that there is such a huge push that America save the environment yet nothing gets said about Mexico….China….India….and the other major polluters of the world.


    Maybe that’s because USA is a really modern country that should know better than to pollute at the rate it is.

    Nobody expects China to act humanely.


    “nothing gets said about …China”. What a total load of horseshit.


    You sure showed me.


    Reminds me of the Star Trek episode: too many of us? By all means, volunteer to check out.


    The United States has some of the cleanest water, air, and land in the world. Our environmental laws are arguably the strictest in the world. We do use a lot of energy but our use of it is again arguably the cleanest in the world. Comments like “nobody expects China to act humanely” are silly. If you want the world to be happy with humans like this poster indicates – which is stupid, the Earth is not sentient and has no opinion on the subject – then you have to convince other nations like China and India and Russia, etc.… Read more »


    Eh, USA is doing okay compared to some poor countries, at least:

    Let’s not start waving the flag just yet.


    The argument that “yeah, but the other guy is even worse” always seemed pretty lame to me.

    Dyon 86

    I blame the cows!


    And why are there so many cows?

    Dyon 86

    “why so many cows?” … cos they keep shagging?

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