evolution is a lie

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    To a scientist a lie is something presented as true that can be proven to be untrue, to a theologian a lie is something that is counter to their beliefs.

    Scientific proof is irrelevant to a theologian. To them, evolution is indeed a lie.


    One of your descriptions presents logic.
    The other presents delusion.

    I wonder how many healthy sane people, when confronted with the choice between logic and delusion, would purposefully pick delusion…


    to find out…first we need to find a sane person…


    according to stats its’ about 80% of the US, picking delusion of course


    Re: the return of Jesus…

    The bibles “soon(tm)” puts Valve’s to shame.


    anyone read below the evolution is a lie part? jesus was the king of israel? there was no israel when he supposedly lived, nor was he a king, and I thought the rapture was supposed to take all the christians to heaven. now there taking over the earth? wtf, why can’t religious people ever get there stories straight?