Getin durnk up in heeer.

airplane,glasses,ladies,vintage,photo.jpg (83 KB)


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    They both rule.


    why does one never see old ladies with long hair?

    pleeze, dieA, when you grow old and crusty, pleeze pleeze keep your hair long

    Alec Dalek

    Long hair, like blowjobs, is something women find annoying and time consuming, and would rather do without. When that happens you just need to learn to use your finders and stop using your tongue. Welcome to the end of your sex life! More booze!!


    Bullshit and hubby is looking forward to future gum jobs. 😉


    Gray hair has a different texture than regular hair It’s more coarse and curls in funky ways. It seems impossible to control it. I still haven’t figured out how to style it properly.

    Alexis Rose

    the lady on the right reminds me a lot of the actress that plays Lois’ mother on Malcolm in the Middle. Btw natedog, I see a lot of older ladies with long hair around where I live, but a lot of them are quite unkempt unlike in the photo.


    the good old 70’s


    ahhh, there’s noting like getting durnk every now and then…


    nothing* how ironic that, when pointing out a spelling error, I make one myself…..


    But you didn’t correct your misspelling of drunk. and your ellipse at the end of your sentence has two larger periods following it. I’m at a loss here cola.


    Wait for it, I didn’t see the misspelling in the title. Ignore what I just said.


    They HAVE to get drunk in order to feel alive. The rest of the time they’re crapping themselves and they don’t even notice.

    When you lose grip of your butt you should kill yourself. Srsly.


    I’d tap that.


    Those seats are like three times the current size of airline seats.

    They should give complimentary alcohol to help people deal with being packed like sardines in the plane.


    Yes, but those seats would give off toxic gas when they burned. Fair trade.
    Last plane I flew on had complimentary booze, snacks, and sandwiches. I don’t remember the last time that happened.

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