normal vs. asian

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    Luke Magnifico

    >implying the second indecipherable part of a captcha ever needs to be typed


    ONE of the words needs to be typed correctly, but it isn’t always the first one, so..

    Also, way to miss the point.

    The guy on the left is white and is bad at math. lol

    The guy on the right is asian and good at math.

    The guy on the left has a dick that can satisfy a woman.

    The guy on the right turns the lights off before he gets naked and has answered the question “is it in yet”.

    I’m glad I’m like the guy on the left. I have a calculator.


    Having seen your comments, I have serious doubts as to whether you’re like the “guy on the left”.. I mean, I dunno… that little light switching scenario was oddly specific.