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    If only religion were that flexible!


    That is completely not funny. I know plenty of people around me crippled by it. Maybe one day, mankind will develop a cure…


    Thats not funny. Seriously guys, why make fun of religion? Chrisitanity in particular. There’s no reason why you should be degrading something that in its truest form has only ever done good.


    Only good? You mean like The Spanish Inquisition, witch trails, defending homophobia, anti-intellectualism, racism, and slavery, attempting to destroy science, philosophy and reason? Hmm, maybe you’re right. I’ve just been looking at this religion thing all wrong… Thank you, dabwa, thank you!


    Well, you see I actually base my life and beliefs on LOGIC and REASONING.

    Thats the main reason why I am not religious.


    he’s looking for jesus


    To mediate a little, since Fallacy was about as mellow as the Inquisitors themselves, yes religions have done bad things, so has every other major ideology, including (gasp!) atheism. It’s done good, it’s done bad, stop jumping at every chance to point out one and not the other.
    In short, view this:


    Having been a devout atheist at one point in my life all i have to say is “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Atheism is a religion.


    Also Fallacy, religion is only made possible through philosophy and science. Any true theist would realize that in order for god to exist science and philosophy would either be created by or create him.


    There’s no reason why you should be degrading something that in its truest form has only ever done good. I’ll give you this; you did say in it’s truest form. When did this truest form exist? What good did this pure form bring forth? @thelotuseater: Perhaps atheism is the wrong word to use. I don’t believe there is no god, that’s silly and a bad definition. There simply is no god. There is no way to prove it either way. While lack of proof doesn’t necessarily mean lack of existence; lack of any way in which to prove it does.… Read more »

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