Battlestar Galactica – Starbuck

[EDIT: Spoilers abound in the comments, so don’t read them if you don’t want to have the latest BSG episodes spoiled]
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    She will live on forever. In our hearts. And in our brains.


    tiki god

    Wow, so wtf. is she really dead? I hear the girl’s contract is even up.

    a fat, smelly, 4chan fapping pedophile

    pssh, no way they killed her. she probably got knocked-up and so they’ll spend the majority of the next season hyping-up her reappearance and then once she pops-out the spawn she’ll come back all daniel jackson-like from some kind of lame ascention or something.


    I expect they’ll do something similar to old school BSG. When they had those weird angels that took Starbuck and Apollo


    I hope not. That was a huge shark that the original jumped. A return is never ruled out in SF, though.

    They may be angling towards an end of the series in one or two seasons, especially with a spin-off in the works. Find Earth or get off the pot.

    Just say no to super scouts.


    One of people the cast didn’t sign up for next season. Last time I checked (its been a while) they didn’t say who.

    They been building up for this for a while, but it wasn’t mrytering and it didn’t explain why so I’m with mr no name. On of those light things from the orginal saved the her at the last second.


    Umm…does anyone remember how the Cylons stole Starbuck’s DNA when she was on Caprica, and stuck in that hospital? My bet: The Cylons clone her, make her think she’s a Cylon (when she isn’t), and then dangle that in front of her for a season, just to fuck with her.


    told you shes not dead.