people worried about swine flu

people worried about swine flu

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    thankfully I’m none of these colours.


    this is so myopic. it isn’t about being scared of getting it this year and dying. its about how it highlights our vulnerability to more lethal epidemics. dustin hoffman won’t be there.

    Kik Dogg

    I think I fall into the big white area. Which I will label “People who think like me”.

    I hate to be alone.


    Shouldn’t their junction be people that don’t believe in vaccination, for whatever crazy, stupid idea they got in their heads?


    Yeah, we’re so vulnerable that swine flu’s only killed 3,000 people (that’s the last number I remember hearing anyway), when seasonal flu kills millions each year and no one gives a rat’s ass.


    idk why people aren’t worried about the swine flu…a 17 y/o girl in my town died yesterday from it…bet you can’t guess where i fit in the diagram! XD

    Luke Magnifico

    Swine flu didn’t kill her. You did.


    His spelling did.


    I can’t speak for everyone, but I am no where near worried. The seasonal flu kills around 36,000 people a year. SRSLY. (sauce: I forget the current number of swine flu deaths but it’s obviously significantly less. Oh… and my sister’s roommate had swine flu, lived. No one else in their house got it. All is well.


    What ever happened to the Call to Arms about these vaccines creating Super Bugs ?
    If you can’t resist the Flu (youth and aged) get the Shot…
    And dick cheney and Pzifer thank you for the Gov Mega Bucks…

    If you don’t fit those criterias, you SHOULD leave the gene pool…

    How my great Grand father would laugh at Modern Society creating a PANIC about the Common Flu a la FOX….sheees

    fracked again

    Neither circle, and not worried, but concerned. Yes, the seasonal flu kills more, but the hiney flu hasn’t run a full year’s course. Typical flu deaths per year are around 250k to 500k. Current worldwide death toll is 5922, and I have seen projections suggesting a threefold increase in deaths each month. Combine this with the seasonal flu and it could be a pretty bad year. I have not seen any solid numbers on case fatality ratios yet, so we don’t know if this flu is killing more people than a regular flu would. I suspect that it is, but… Read more »


    Meh. I’m a smoker, and I’m not worried about lung cancer. Not because I don’t believe that smoking kills (I do) but because I don’t give a damn. Same goes for the flu. Scare or epidemic? Don’t care. I’ll worry about these things on my deathbed.


    I’m a bit concerned. The specific H1N1 strain seems to be very hard on people w/ underlying or chronic illnesses, which would be me.


    The United States of Hysteria by Lee Siegel When President Obama declared the swine-flu outbreak a national emergency, he tapped into America’s time-honored tendency to freak out. Get a grippe. Well, hopefully, you won’t. But if you do, most likely you have nothing to worry about. Despite the president’s declaration of H1N1 as a national emergency this week, despite the long lines of people waiting to be vaccinated, despite the startling shortage in vaccinations, which is almost as startling as the speed at which they’re being made—in spite of all this climate of crisis, now certified by presidential decree, swine… Read more »


    Far cry 2 keeps freezing for 10 seconds at a time. I thought it was because of shadows because it would lag 10 times in a row when I viewed the shadows on the wall till I turned them down.

    I turned all the video setting to low, other than 1440×900 resolution and that worked for a while.

    But then it even froze for 10 seconds after that.

    It’s only happening in far cry 2 – no other games.

    I’m not sure what to do.


    The swine flu can help you with that. H1N1 is a miracle fix for all of your computer problems. Try it. You might be surprised…


    Shdnt there be a third intersecting circle labelled:
    “People who attended a Tea Party”

    Catherine Longfellow

    People who think ‘Palin 2012’ is a: logical and b: a good idea.