look at feet

1636_745e_400.jpeg (54 KB)

it’s a painting
also can i get artist and title?

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    Google search by image is your friend. The artist is Vicente Romero.


    Vicente Romero Redondo is the artist. Cooling her Feet is the name of the piece. He also has another piece of the same scene that I like a little better called The Edge of the Sea.

    Enfermero Torero

    Beautiful! If you like hyperrealistic paintings, check out Antonio López García. I was at an exhibition of his work yesterday, and some of his pictures are really breathtaking. Honestly, “Estudio con 3 puertas” is just pencil on paper and you just can´t believe it isn´t a photo: www.viajesconmitia.com/2010/12/21/uvas-y-membrillos/
    Scroll down, it´s the one with a messy studio, 3rd from the last.