H.R. Giger

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February 5, 1940 – May 12, 2014

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    Can’t wait to see this!


    Meezer alert! Looks like he had a Traditional Siamese, or Apple Headed Siamese. They didn’t always look like freaks make out of pipe cleaners. The earliest photographs of them show this type, and selective breeding has turned many of them into weirdly endearing little elfs, often with crossed eyes and kinks in their whippy little tails. The tide is turning, and many people want to return to a less extreme type. Surprisingly enough it seems that Giger was one of those people.


    Or it’s a Thai cat. The distinction seems blurry.




    Aaah. The cat is Müggi The Third, which makes you a little worried about the previous two. Also, as a long term cat owner, all cats, even if they’re the same breed, have very different personalities and I’d never give them the same name with an amended number like they were members of a monarchy, but then I suppose they were/are Royal Cats Of Siam…