Growing trees

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person,%20garden_table%2001.jpg (333 KB)

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    what, no trees shaped like penises?

    that’s a shame.


    Yo dawg, I herd you like trees….

    Joeseph Goebbels



    I’m sorry, I can’t take this seriously. I mean the guy is wearing crocs fercrissakes. That ruined the rest of the pics for me.


    that and the wanna-be gandalf is wearing a blue martial arts gi


    I love my crocs. Of course, I don’t wear them beyond my property line. It was my podiatrist that told me to wear them, so I do. They are extremely comfy. Also, his don’t fit, they’re too large for his foot.
    My problem w/ this guy is the hair. People should know when long hair just doesn’t work when you’re over 40, thin hair and balding. He looks like a douche.


    He looks exactly like the sort of person who would do this sort of thing. Which, admittedly, is pretty cool. What kind of tress are these, that are so malleable and fast growing?

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