left vs right brain

left vs right brain.jpg

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    but it’s not “left brain VERSUS right brain”… you’ve only got one brain, and if you lost half of it, regardless of which half it was, your life would be immeaurably different… if you survived at all.

    it’s not “left brain VERSUS right brain”, it’s “left brain AND right brain”, working along side one another to accomplish the goals of the owner of the brain, in whatever way that might be.

    i know whereof i speak: i am a traumatic brain-injury suvivor.

    tiki god

    it’s ALWAYS a versus situation, they never work together and it’s always a fight to be on the path of angels and not the demons that the wrong side .


    when you have a 9-inch scar on your skull, and are still walking, and driving, and doing basic things for yourself, i’ll listen to your opinions. 😛


    I’m guessing that grasping jokes and sarcasm isn’t one of those basic things.


    Yeah, this is pretty much just a myth.