Craig’s List steal!

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Risking pulling a casemods I wanted to show you guys my new toys.
Got the bass an Epiphone sg for 100 bucks with a hard shell case, like brand new.
And a gallien krueger 1-15 200 w for 250.00 like new in the box. ^_^ share my Joy and your Opinions are welcome. Time to make some noise!

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    casemods UID# 667

    What are they worth new in the store?


    $200 plus postage at Amazon:


    Sorry, meant $299.


    But does it go to 11?


    The bass is worth $200-250 new. Good deal, but I would have looked for a better quality guitar in the first place. Good job on the amp though.

    Jesus Christ

    My husband got a pretty sweet looking bass and amp for 40 bucks together from one of my childhood friends. It’s pretty sexy looking.


    Decent bass. Great little amp. Unbeatable price for both. Score!


    stolen merchandise?


    Craig’s stolen list..


    Score on the Amp. The bass is good for somebody who isn’t sure if they want to play it or not. If you want to move up, I suggest a Fender Jazz Bass with the G&K. You can get pretty much any tone ever out of that combo.


    Nice amp, does it have an ext speaker out? If you’re really going to crank it you may find it a bit boomy, might want to keep your eyes open for a 4×8 cab (or make one?) to even out the tone. My old bass player pulled the head out of one of those and used on on an 8×8 cab. It was the best rig I’ve ever heard. You get good bass with a 15, but not as much pop. So they add a tweeter with a ridiculously large horn, but then you have no mid. Most bass players… Read more »


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