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    I pretty sure that’s not how it feels to be most women I know…


    Wait, so women will have spontaneous, public sex with anybody that desires it?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    In case you’re just being naive, yes, there are many guys who act as if they are operating under that assumption.


    The person in the picture is a guy?


    I hope so, because otherwise that has to be one ugly-looking dyke.


    1: Not my fault you’re a slut
    2: Your rack is not that nice
    3: Grow some hair, you look like a boy

    casemods UID# 667

    Some women just can’t appreciate compliments

    Luke Magnifico

    Little harsh.


    Women all say they want confident guys, and when a guy shows a little confidence they get all pissed off


    I was going to elaborate on that, but then I remembered the kind of girls I can pull (and you don’t want anything to do with those), so i’ll just say “Yeah, you’re right”.


    We like confidence. I would never hang w/ a guy lacking confidence for long. There is, however a difference between confident and pushy and/or un-empathetic. That’s just annoying and are traits I really dislike.


    I can predict a vicious cycle there: lack of confidence because someone can’t connect with a girl but no connection because of the previously mentioned lack of confidence.


    um i lack confidence and i am un-empathetic. fuck me?


    So this is how I get in touch with my feminine side!

    Insanely Rational

    Maybe if instead of “Fuck me”, he wrote on his chest: “insult my intelligence, mistreat me, and generally behave like a horny 15-year-old and I’ll give you a blowjob”, and when he walked on the street and someone did what was written on his chest, he had to spend an hour explaining to them that just because they think something is true (i.e., the message on his chest), it doesn’t mean it is true, THEN he’ll know what it feels to be a woman.

    Either that, or get really drunk (and lose the capacity to drive, get overly emotional and irrational, become incapable of doing math….).


    I’m sorry, i don’t think I undesrtand your point.

    Are we to understand that you believe all men insult women’s intelligence, mistreat them and generally behave like horny 15-year-olds expecting that to result in them receiving oral sex? I’ll admit to having done parts of that, but not since I was 15 and quite horny.

    Or are you stating that all women can’t drive, are overly emotional and irrational and incapable of doing math? Again, I’ll admit parts of that do fit in the description of some women I know, but I wouldn’t mark it as a rule.


    He was trying to be funny. I, for one, think he marginally succeeded.


    Maybe it’s “sexist” of me to say this, but any woman that would use this as an argument, is really ignorant.
    Some women, not all, but some, want to make men see how it is to be a woman, but I guarantee, it’s not anything like that picture and any woman who would care to argue that point, I can point out some gaping holes in that argument right now.

    – Why would any woman write “fuck me” on their chest? If it’s a reference to your tits and the unwelcome attention they receive, do you really need wear something that will draw attention to them? I’m no expert, but I believe there are many styles of clothing that could help you with that.

    – Why would you say “sure, sure no problem” to the first guy that said he wanted to fuck you? That sounds more like low self esteem, than a problem with gender. Why do you have to say “thank you very much” with a smile on your face? Are you paying for the sex? Did they perform very well? I don’t understand what the problem is. Sounds like you willfully participated in a sexual act with another consenting adult.

    If I were to take anything from this picture, it would be “You don’t know what it’s like to have tits and have sex with random strangers!”
    I mean, if I’m to take the literal meaning here, that’s what it translates to.

    I think some women have it wrong when it comes to “educating men” about being a woman. Not every guy you meet wants to rape you, not every guy you meet is going to treat you badly. I really wish that the rhetoric that gets spouted during college lectures and rallies wasn’t just based on fear and ignorance. It would be like a fire burning from ignorance, and you try to put it out by pouring more ignorance ontop of it.

    I’m not mad, I’m just sayin’ that the logic here is really flawed.


    Well, to be honest, I kind of can imagine how some women might want to wear clothes that show the shape of their breasts or even enhance them or make them look more attractive, but would prefer if the attention that their breasts would then draw were more of an aesthetic than a sexual nature. I suppose it could be (over)simplified by “here are my boobs, they rock, that doesn’t mean I want to have sex”. That said, I don’t think you can expect a woman to show off attractive breasts and not get non-sexual, purely aesthetic attention because of them all the time.

    “Sure, no problem” and “thank you very much”, as I understand them, are stand-ins for the stereotype of what is (no longer, really) exepected of women by society: that they be sexually submissive, always available and complimenting of their male partner’s performance (as in faking orgasms, which really favours no one in the long run. Except in porn). Like I said, those are outdated notions and have no place in today’s western civilization.

    So, really, if anyone agrees with this, open your eyes and realise it’s not 1938 anymore, women are not expected to only show off their figure if they are sexually receptive, neither are they expected to be at the beck and call of every man and flatter them constantly.

    That said, any woman who would genuinely like to do that is still free to so do. My contact is as follows…


    Thank you, good sir. I really don’t think I need to post after all. Seems like you said everything I was going to. I will make a small addendum though.

    Keep in mind this is a generalization.

    Males of nearly every species (humans included) are genetically programmed to mate with everything that will carry on their genetic code.

    Females of nearly every species (humans included) are genetically programmed to be picky about those males that they want to sleep with.

    This causes nearly every gender problem we have.

    It would be nice if everyone just shut up about the whole damn thing, realize that it’s inevitable to have these differences, and stop taking everything personally.


    Well, now, much as I agree with nearly everithing you said, I’d just like to make this point:

    The genetic programming you mentioned stems from the evident difference that whereas a man can impregnate several women in the span of as little as a few hours and never again care about that, women become pregnant for several months, and then, in the best interest of the survival of the species, feel compelled to tend to their offspring for several years, while the father might feel no compellment to do the same at all. Not only that, but also a woman who has recentely become impregnated is usually unable to bear the child of another man until she is no longer pregnant, which endows women with a sort of “responsability” to only procreate with the males whose genes would produce the best offspring. Again, men have no such restrictions.

    Up until fairly recentely, especially if you take into account all of the time mankind has existed, sexual activity and procreation have been virtual synonims; however, with the advent of contraception, not anymore.

    My point is that for as long as adequate contraception is practiced, the matters of sex and procreation can be kept well apart, thus eliminating the need for the effects of the genetic programming you mentioned. In fact, ever since the advent of the contraceptive pill, this has come into some effect (much more so than with the condom, which is a decision that, ultimately, would rest with the man, whereas a woman may take the pill with no knowledge from any man she chooses to have sex with, thus giving her greater control of contraception), but, as we can plainly see, not fast enough.


    Well, now, much as I agree with nearly everithing you said, I’d just like to make this point:


    If I understand you correctly, you’re saying that we are no longer susceptible to this “programming” because we’ve evolved and progressed to the point that we can make the conscious decision *not* to procreate?

    I agree that we *should* be able to do so, but alas.. It’s not the case. We’re all still slaves to our hormones and urges. If it wasn’t the case, the American obesity epidemic wouldn’t be close to reaching 40% I daresay that turning down that extra helping of bacon is a lot easier than turning down a roll in the hay with a consenting partner.

    We’ve gotten a bit off topic here, but I still stand by my position. We can’t control our base urges and that leads to the same friction that it always has, and most likely always will.


    Yes, that’s pretty much what I’m saying, except it’s not so black and white. What mean is that we’re decreasingly susceptible to the “programming” as you put it, but we’re really not quite there yet.

    Regarding your comparison with between turning down food and turning down sex, I daresay there’s a bit of what I’m saying that you’re missing. Of course we’ve the urge for that extra slice of bacon and we have the urge for sexual satisfaction, but my point is that sex and procreation are no longer inextricably linked, which should have less of an impact on men’s attitude towards sex than it would on women, but nonetheless the inherentely different views of either gender on the matter should become less different, thus reducing, but not eliminating, the friction you mention and that the views expressed by the picture are just trying to artificially and undully accentuate said friction.

    Which brings me to the funny realisation that we keem in arguing even though we agree. Wierd, huh?

    The funny thing


    Sounds about right. A woman has to learn how to deal w/ the attention though. It really seems like that’s not being taught anymore, by the mothers. No matter what, being a woman means that men will try to have sex w/ you and it isn’t consciously to make you pregnant. It’s just a drive and it’s (usually) not that hard to deal w/. Some men go too far; when that happens it’s up to us (girls) to let him know it’s unwelcome, if they still don’t get it, it’s time to get your brothers/hubby/father/male cousins, etc… involved. I really think it makes the point better when it’s other guys that that do it.


    Part of what I’m saying is that too many women feel that any sexual approach buy a man is harassment or that a pic of a nearly nude woman is “objectifying” all women. It’s not. If women expect men to consider what women can’t change, then we need to consider what men can’t change as well.


    That last statement, nyokki, has restored a little bit of my faith in humanity.


    I like you, nyokki . I wish I knew more girls like you IRL.


    Awesomely stated.


    As all those T.V. parents say: “This isn’t an argument, it’s a discussion!”

    I understand your point, and I feel that we’re on opposite sides of the fence. I simply don’t believe that we’ve evolved past the point of our primal urges enough (or at all) to make the link between procreation and sex appeal any less relevant. As Nyokki pointed out, guys in our society aren’t normally after girls to consciously get them pregnant. I daresay they normally avoid it with the contraceptive methods you mentioned. If they care enough to do so. The urge to “hook up” is strong enough to explain 99% of the stupid crap we do as guys. In my mind, it all relates back to animalistic hierarchy and mating. We’re not as evolved as we like to think we are. Every time a guy gets hurt trying to look cool, it’s all about trying to assert his place in the pack. Every time he ends up looking like a dork in front of a girl, it’s a misguided attempt at “clubbing her over the head.” Metaphorically speaking of course.

    In my opinion, our sociological evolution has caused more problems than it’s solved. Now, instead of being straightforward and getting accepted or rejected, both genders feel like they’ve got to do some sort of intricate dance involving lies and subterfuge simply to connect with another person.

    I agree that we’re beating the same horse long after it has passed on, however. We’re debating different aspects of the same point.

    It all boils down to self control. If you don’t have it (man or woman) you end up looking like a jerk like the woman in the picture, or the guy she’s talking to.


    So it seems we agree on everything except on whether we, as a species, have managed to diassociate sex from procreation. Perhaps we can agree to disagree on that.


    But.. but.. Then I have no reason to keep checking this post!


    There will always be tension between men and women. Men are always trying to sex wimminz and we try to get them to stay afterward. We’re sort of conning each other, most of us enjoy the play, some are offended. How can we even told seriously about sex in a world that (mostly) tries to keep any and all sexual info hidden and taboo?


    I wish you’d have said “most men” instead of just “men” and “almost always” instead of “always”.

    I just read that and it kind of makes me feel like you’re implying that no woman ever enjoys sex unless her partner stays afterwards or that no man ever wants to stay. I really don’t think it’s like that…


    Keep wishing? 😉

    Nah, just that what drives women also drives men, just in a different way. If women didn’t enjoy sex, this convo would be moot, since we wouldn’t exist to have it. We’re both looking for sex, but the end result of sex puts women out of commission for nearly a year. We’re used to the cyclical nature of our sexual drive. Our libidos ebb and flow and men’s don’t, well mostly they don’t. We’ve had to figure out ways to keep you w/ us even when we’re not necessarily available for sex. I really do think that women manipulate men way more than the reverse. What’s amusing, to me anyway, is that men always seem blindsided by just how manipulative we can be. Some men don’t require much; they’re just good guys.


    I’d fuck her… and then not call her the next day.


    wimmins is stupid


    No we isn’t and boys hases cooties.

    Luke Magnifico

    What is this from?


    Don’t blame your slutyness on opposite gender. Find yourself a nice guy (or whatever gender/sex preference you prefer), and you don’t have to feel shitty like you did.

    …stupid cunt.


    Problem is, I imagine, nice guys will have nothing to do with the likes of her, and I don’t suppose nice girls would either.

    I know I wouldn’t.


    my girlfriend said this was stupid.


    Angry chick is angry.


    this is a little intense.

    girls: don’t go to bars dressed slutty. don’t openly talk about your sex life. don’t hang out with assholes. it’s all in your attitude.

    i know a girl named anna who never, i mean NEVER, stops talking about sex. she talks about vibrators, beejays, squirting, orgasms… so people think she’s a slut.

    i know another girl named Cansas who is beautiful but dresses and acts very conservatively, and is thereby treated accordingly.

    simple concept.




    You know, if a guy really did write “FUCK ME” on his chest and walk down the street fucking anyone who asked and then thanking them, the feminists would just say “typical male chauvinist pig”

    So I guess being a woman is like being a male chauvinist pig.


    I was just thinking that. If the average guy puts on that shirt, there’s not much of a chance of the average girl actually taking him up on that offer.. lol


    all this feminist shit is making my period start.


    Really? I think you may need to see a doc; that’s not your vag that’s bleeding. Did you wake up one day and wonder what the hell you did the night before?


    Please clarify what you mean by “feminist”. Does it apply to:

    A) A person who defends equality between both sexes and advocates that women should not submit to men or;

    B) A person who defends that women represent the superior gender and advocates that men should submit to women?

    I would have called A) an equalitarian, but I accept that many people call them feminists. I just want to be sure I know what you mean.


    Side note: I think the girl is Amy Adams.


    I don’t think Amy Adams has a cleft chin… unless we’re not talking about the same Amy Adams.

    I’m talking about the actress from “Catch me if you can”, “Enchanted” and “Julie and Julia”.


    Isn’t she Mia Kirshner? She’s in The L Word.


    Looks like she could be.


    I’d fuck Me. So hard.


    In some parts of the world, it kinda IS like that to be a man. I spent some time in an Island, I can’t recall, maybe Cabo Verde, and it was like this day and night, because there are far more women than men. I thought it was awesome. Until it got exhausting… =\


    Also, Jamaica is a lot like this if you’re white… but you have to like black girls. I do, but I went there with my GF, so… yeaaaahhhh.

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