Working Replica of Noah’s Ark

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Working Replica of Noah’s Ark Opened In SCHAGEN, Netherlands .
Man Builds Noah’s Ark to the exact scale given in the Bible.The biblical Ark was built by Dutch Creationist Johan Huibers.The ark is 150 cubits long, 30 cubits high and 20 cubits wide.Life-sized models of giraffes, elephants, lions, crocodiles, zebras,bison and other animals greet visitors as they arrive in the main hold.
A contractor by trade, Huibers built the ark of cedar and pine.
Biblical Scholars debate exactly what the wood used by Noah would have been.
Huibers did the work mostly with his own hands, using modern tools and with occasional help from his son Roy. Construction began in May 2005. On the uncovered top deck – not quite ready in time for the opening – will come a petting zoo, with baby lambs and chickens, and goats, and one camel.

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    It only needs to work for 40 days.


    they stayed on the ark for a year

    the rain lasted 40 days


    Not big enough.


    Stupid. Pointless.

    teezy weezy

    “A copy or reproduction” of something that never existed before…


    Two African elephants will eat approx 547,000 lbs of food in a year.

    Brody: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”


    It was built by a creationist? I’d have thought it’d be built by an atheist to show people once and for all… “There’s NO FUCKING WAY they fit 2 of every animal on earth in here!!!”


    some people believe in lies so strongly that they will go to these extremes, have total evidence that what they know is a lie, and still tell themselves its possible

    fracked again

    He built a wood boat on a metal hull with a modern engine. Somebody was kind of particular about the parts he took literally.

    Kik Dogg

    How did he get the parking permit?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I desperately want to make fun of this guy. But its raining pretty heavily right now and even though I don’t believe in god, I do believe the universe has an ironic sense of humor.

    tiki god

    so he built it with his own hands, and he still believes in that shit?


    Duh, people: rainbows.


    So the world wasn’t flooded completely, I certainly don’t believe that. There was an article I saw a while back that basically said that the world as these civilizations knew it may have flooded, when a larger sea overfilled a neighboring smaller sea that was previously blocked off by land. I haven’t seen anything that specifically refutes the idea the that some guy figured it was gonna get bad somehow, or just happened to have a big boat for no fucking reason, or some shit like that, and it happened to be ready when this flood happened. So, I do… Read more »


    Actually Rissy there is ample biblical evidence that the flood was local. I never subscribed to the global flood myth anyways.


    or that virgin birth myth too eh? – ample bible evidence that mary was the town bike… another dodgy one was that coming back to life crap – other than that, its all pretty good. ( ohhh and talking snakes )

    Genesis 6:15 says “the length of the ark three hundred cubits, its breadth fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits”. This replica has exactly one fifth of the total volume of the mythical Noah’s Ark. Wikipedia notes “Some deviations have been necessary such as building the Ark out of American Cedar and Pine over a steel hull rather than the enigmatic gopher wood specified in the Bible.” It isn’t a wooden boat, let alone a full size replica. Young-Earth creationists offer a thorough demolition of the local flood interpretation: As a young-Earth fundamentalist Christian, I spent a huge… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The simplest explanation for the flood myth is that most cultures develop near rivers. All rivers flood from time to time. So its perfectly reasonable for any river culture to have a myth about an enormous flood.
    Whether or not the flood myth is partially true doesn’t tell us anything about whether or not the Bible is theologically true.

    fracked again

    Noah’s tale is just plagiarism of part of the Epic of Gilgamesh.


    @The Matrix: Rebooted Agreed. @vast right wing conspiracy. I respectfully disagree. There is much misinterpretation in the flood myth. The concept of a global flood can be easily eliminated from a plain reading of Psalm 104,1 which is known as the creation psalm. Psalm 104 describes the creation of the earth in the same order as that seen in Genesis 1. The earth is described as a planet completely covered with water (verse 6, parallel to Genesis 1:9). God then causes the dry land to appear (verses 7-8,1 parallel to Genesis 1:9-10). The verse that eliminates a global flood follows:… Read more »


    That doesn’t quite do it for me. I’d like to see more examples.


    will there be a t-rex in the petting zoo, too? or will that be a stuffed animal in the platypus/polar bear/penguin/panda section?

    thelotuseater725, I knew I should have just said that it was a factor of 5 smaller than the Biblical ark. I’ve read too many thousands of pages of comments such as yours, with virtually no one ever admitting that they changed their mind. I don’t want to add to that mass. If I find the Bible untrustworthy in things I can see, why should I trust anything it says about what I can’t see? Side note: November 24, 2009 was the sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. Most people have no idea… Read more »



    Well, I know that on that day some christians distributed quite a few of them, with an undermining preface.


    What a waste of wood.


    Soooooo how long did god give noah to build his bigger boat?
    I mean it took this guy 4 years with modern tools…


    The phrase “biblical evidence” self-contradicts.

    T.G. Fisher

    Anyone that has made a serious study of the origins and evolution of religious beliefs knows absolutely that the bible is a crock of early science fiction, tribal legends and fairy tales. Only slack jawed fools, brainwashed idiots and hucksters looking for an easy buck quote it.


    Working in what sense? In the sense that he could get two of every species on the planet inside it? (or even 7, as it says in one version in the Bible).

    I think not.