you state is next

you state is next

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    Cool. Maybe then they’ll fucking RELAX!!!


    Oh give me a break! The side effects of pot are really not that far off of cigerettes? Stupid scare tactics


    I’m more worried about our doctors, teachers, judges and cops coming to work DRUNK, a real concern in a state that has the Drunk Driving Capitol of America (Gallup, New Mexico).

    Ok, so I couldn’t find much along the lines of real statistics to back that up, but Gallup is really known as that. I’ve driven through Gallup a few times. No way would I wanna live there.


    can my state move to the front of the line?


    Is that teacher a Cylon?


    So these ppl would hopefully have a sense of humor after puffing an L by themselves.


    “Puffing an L”? Is that like a right-angle J?


    You sir, win the alphabet.


    the day after Ohio legalizes pot I will be ordering a volcano vaporizer to celebrate!


    Damn skippy!


    I wish even ONE of my teachers had been a hot stoned Asian..




    I wait with baited breath…..


    Bated breath…
    /grammar nazi


    I’ll vote yes and lets see what happens. If accidents and crime go thru the roof, ban it and be done with the arguments. If we balance our debt by taxing it, drug traffic/crime fall, and we save money by avoiding locking up decent folks with a garden , then it works. Both sides have drastic views of what will happen if it is legalized. Give it a test run. At that point, people can say “I told you so”.


    Wanna know what I think will happen?
    Probably not.
    I’ll tell you anyway.
    Not much. Not much at all.

    I wonder, though. If they legalize it in CA, will they release everyone in prison who are serving sentences for marijuana possession or trafficking?


    I doubt it, it will most likely be tried by a lawyer the day the ban lifts but I really don’t think it will happen. and also they were knowingly committing a crime at the time of the arrest so they are still criminals.and that just goes for possession, anyone who was busted for selling wouldn’t have a leg to stand on because you would need a licence to sell and they didn’t have one. also our government is the king of loopholes, hell marijuana’s criminal status is a loop hole. you can leagaly own marijuana now if you have… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    It will save big $$$’s. The government will do it. They need that money for themselves.


    I wish my state would be next but I live in the Buckle of the Bible Belt & the Land of the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe,South Carolina,but in time It will happen & all will be right with the world!

    Alec Dalek

    If enough state’s legalize it, the rest will have no choice. It will just pour over the state borders, as it should.


    When enough states legalize it, the federal government will probably decriminalize it and leave it to the rest of the states to vote individually. The US government is too arrogant to admit they wasted billions on a failed war so it will never be “legalized” federally.


    If California legalizes pot, the terrorists win, true story.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    It was decriminalized here (Ontario). I believe thats what they’ll try in CA.

    Whether or not it works it’ll probably get repealed. It took about 3 weeks or something before the law changed back after some assholes challenged the change. Now its back to square one.

    It takes a LOT longer to undo a law than pass one. I’ll let the socialists chew on that.


    My state just made getting a tattoo legal like three years ago


    Decriminalization > Legalization — it’s a trap.


    That, and, picture this image with each of those figures in the same position holding currently legally available mind altering substances. Cop standing in your window in uniform with a bottle of Schnapps? Teacher with a margarita glass? We already know they’ll keep their pot use on hush and hide it in their desk drawers and living rooms like they already do their existing vices. It’s just another thing for me to not do.


    If weed is legalized, everyone will be stoned on the job, all the time. Just like how my teachers drank alcohol and smoked tobacco all the time back in high school.


    It was last year, or the year before, that WV made it legal to take and cook roadkill. I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been legal prior to that.


    interesting watch. It used to be so, so legal. Sigh.


    Great video! Everyone should see this.


    MCS 2030 will link this image similar to how we link racism/retard guide images IMO



    Jesus Christ

    I hope it will happen, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


    I fuckin’ hope so!


    “your state is next”???

    420 ad – WIN