Mitch McConnell rams through six Trump judges in 30 hours after blocking coronavirus aid for months

Planned Parenthood warned that “many” of the judges have “hostile records” toward human rights and abortion


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    I’m ready to rise up. I’ll start by killing all the republicans in my family. Let’s get that radical-left insurrection off the ground. I want to see McConnell killed with power drills. I want everyone who voted for him to see their children tortured to death with blowtorches.


    Yes, let the hate flow through you. You’re just perpetuating the stereotype that leftists are (as viewed from outside of their echo chambers) as reactive, emotional twats, exactly as you’ve shown yourself to be.
    “Get that radical left insurrection off the ground.” Have you not watched them on the news every night since George Floyd overdosed himself on the evidence of his pending arrest? RevCom, BLM, and the more organized portions of Antifa were just waiting for a spark like that to start their shit. Get off the couch already and go eat yourself some rubber bullets, Sparky.

    Last edited 1 year ago by downvotethis

    Go shoot some protesters. You cunts are turning this great nation in to a fascist fuck hole overrun by corruption just like Russia, like China, and you fucking high five eachother when rights are taken away and espouse authoritarian government power grabs. The same mental weakness that leads millions of mouth breathing, unthinking boot lickers looking to a preacher or narcisistic leader to tell you they’re going to take care of all your problems. You don’t have to think at all. Big fucking narcicist going to protect you; you can just regress to being a carefree child with some fucking… Read more »


    “Protesters” have 1st Amendment rights that I believe in.  I’m not going to throw a hissy fit about football players kneeling for the anthem say that I’m not going to watch, or demean ladies wearing pussy hats on Pennsylvania Avenue, BUT send a mob of rioters my way, and I’ll gladly grant your wish. I’m not even going to get started on those pale fags running around dressed black, so unabashedly hypocritical about what true fascism is. They dress like every silhouette target I’ve ever trained on, and that’s a misfortune of their own making. I’m sorry life is hard… Read more »


    Let’s see. I’m not the one that had to go into indentured servitude and waste years of my life training to kill brown people because I wasn’t too fucking stupid to get a job paying more than minimum wage out of high school (socialized education). So it sounds like you had the hard life, being a poor, dirt dumb brown person. Not me, living in my second story bedroom with large window. It’s not MSNBC that dictates my thoughts on China and Russia, it is an overwhelming preponderance of evidence from every single domestic intelligence agency and all the majority… Read more »

    The King of Nothing

    It’s an election year, so no new judges can even be considered according to Republicans. It won’t stop them from absolutely pushing it as hard as they possibly can like their dicks depend on it and call Democrats unpatriotic and divisive for not wanting to accept whatever woman abusing, minority hating, and clearly unqualified to be on the Supreme Court person in there, but I felt like pointing it out anyway.


    The best thing that could happen to this country is if Mitch died. I don’t care how, we just need this piece of shit dead.


    I would prefer that it be in an embarrassing way. Like “falling down an open manhole while publicly masturbating in front of nuns.” Something that guarantees that you can’t make a martyr out of him.

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