Johnny Depp Mad Hatter

mad-hatter-johnny-depp.jpg (67 KB)

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton\’s version of Alice in Wonderland.

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    Looks brilliant….if not “acid whacked out”.
    Then again, that was the point no ? 😉


    Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you’re at.


    isn’t this like the 3rd time being posted on [MCS]?
    could be wrong, no matter. its just as freaky each time.


    I’m sorry, but he had his chance at being The Hatter in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and did a crap version of it.


    Johnny Depp is completely wrong for that part. And I can’t accept him as the mad hatter with ginger hair and make up. I just can’t DO IT. The Mad Hatter has to be someone ugly and english. I don’t care how Tim Burton wants to interprete it, it’s WRONG


    Johnny Depp can pay any fucking part he wants.

    Also, he looks like Madonna.


    Johnny Depp plays in the movie, but this is a picture of Elijah Wood

    Billy Manic

    I lol’d. I think Dustin Hoffman would be a great Mad Hatter.


    Repost…and, again, these pictures make me really glad Burton didn’t do McGee’s Alice.


    Burton will fuck it up, like he fucks up most of his movies—Batman and Batman Returns were utterly ridiculous and so not Batman; Planet of the Apes was complete trash; and CATCF was some overhyped emo film for adults. He’ll make it about his own style instead of figuring out what the story needs to communicate. Guarantee this will be another emo kid flick, the Mad Hatter won’t be mad, he’ll be warped, and the film will be hellish instead of fantastic. Obviously I’ve got a burr up my ass about Tim Burton films, but he’s let me down one… Read more »


    The Tim Burton-Johnny Depp combo is getting pretty old.



    Kurosawa/ Mifune, Coppola/ Brando, Hitchcock/ Stewart, Tarantino/ Jackson, Scorsesse/ De Niro…

    Burton and Depp are doing just fine. Have a decent record too, many directors have done much worse. This won’t be a Batman Returns, Tim Burton was born to direct Alice In Wonderland with his trippy offbeat filmmaking and dark sense of humor.


    I think he looks over the top stupid and this movie will not party.

    and the Burton/Depp combo is played out…Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure was the bomb.


    The hair and the make up is just really really really stupid. I shrugged at all the other pics, but this one actually makes me want to avoid seeing the flick.


    i agree somewhat about the make-up, but it makes me want to see it that much more. Until actual footage is released I am going to hold off on judging either way. I do hope it will be an insane & fantasy of epic proportions. We will see