blue lobster

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    Awesome Crayfish!


    Avatar lobster

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I heard the meat is blue too.


    pshaw.. one in two million
    that’s nothing

    HALF red and half blue one in FIFTY million.

    Albino on in 100 million

    *thanks google, leaves*


    BLU team is that outnumbered?


    That is frikken cool, good wiki article too.


    sooo…what color does it change to when it’s done cooking? bright blue?


    New York sends a monster to darken our seas
    Cursed be the day that it came
    They are ugly and small and not tasty at all
    They are lobsters in nothing but name
    They don’t smash open clams on their bellies with stones
    They have neither whiskers nor paws
    And the furry old lobster’s so easily crushed
    In the grip of their terrible claws

    -Furry Old Lobster, John Coulton


    Otter’s view on lobsters?


    So the question would be, if your bred two of these, would the offspring be blue also, or is the mutation too random to predict the offsprings color?


    I was at a reptile/exotic pets convention and there was a guy who had a whole tank full of these lobsters. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a trait that can be passed on through breeding. I would imagine the science behind it is the same as breeding Ball python or Corn Snake morphs or any other animal.