First They Came For Our Freedoms

First They Came For Our Freedoms.jpg

I wonder where the Atheists would fall on this list.

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    Old Tofu

    then they came for the atheists , but seeing what had happened to the first groups the atheists had used logic , moved and could not be found

    ahh no, i am the one arresting the gays


    well yeah, you need to make sure they’re gay


    Paranoid much??
    Seriously, watching the Liberal meltdown in America is most amusing for this Canadian. Pass the popcorn please!??


    Seriously. They create an imaginary world where they are always the victim so they can have a little drama in their life.

    tiki god

    it’s a slippery slope that we’re on the edge of, have to fight it hard before we teeter over the edge.


    Hmmm… or alternatively…

    Then they came for me, but I was white and said, “no more Mexicans, gays, Jews, Blacks, and Muslims… things sure look great to me, brother. I guess that Trump guy was right.” And then we thanked Jesus and had a cold Bud. Americas beer.

    And all really was great.


    Go step on a Lego.


    Actually, America’s beer is now owned by the Belgians… and that Jesus character – he’s Jewish.
    It’s been enlightening to watch this… history repeating itself. Having answers to those nagging questions about how an intelligent and sophisticated people such as the Germans could let that happen.


    They came for the Jews, the Conservatives, the Cops, the companies struggling to stay in the US, the Whites. Backlash. Solution in progress.