Poop Bucket Through Window


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    what d’ya suppose he did to deserve that?


    Probably just jealous because it’s a nice car.

    You see it alot with upper-level cars.


    In Alaska, we call them ‘Honey Buckets’. I think it has to do with the wife saying ‘Honey, can you take out the bucket?’


    And funnily enough, a lot of upper level aholes drive ‘upper level’ cars… So I think we’ve answered a few questions in one fell swoop…

    Howie Feltersnatch

    OH NOES, THEY TAKIN MAH BUKKIT AND PUTTIN POO INNIT. Actually, you know what? I’m OK with not getting it back. You may keep my bukkit.

    Alec Dalek

    Benz, BMW, Audi, these are the cars driven by assholes. And they miss their poop. So this thoughtful person has returned the poop to where it came from. I see no laws being broken here.


    I do not miss my poop, nor do I want it back.

    Btw, in Stuttgart, this will get you castrated and put in to stocks.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Agreed Don.

    Any jealous loser who messed with my car because they’re too stupid, lazy, or both to afford one would get tied to a chair and set on fire.

    ‘upper level’. Never seen a real car before? What do you guys do to Bentleys? I see those all the time and I never get the urge to throw a bucket of shit through the window.

    I do not miss my poop but sometimes my knuckles get very itchy.


    Yep, I’m pretty sure you get shot for stuff like this.


    LOL all i can see is them trying to throw it and the window holds and splashes back on them, they prob had to smash it with a brick or something, auto windows are tough


    I could be wrong, but displays of arrogance and hollow threats are a pretty good way to attract the bucket fairy.


    My bucket fairy also keeps her ears open for said displays of arrogance and hollow threats…

    Alec Dalek

    It’s not an accomplishment to own an over-priced “luxury” car. You did not build it. Everyone is laughing at you. You will die young and alone.


    Husband turns 40 decides he needs new car and 25 year old with new boobs. Says he’s tired of putting up with Wife’s shit.

    She showed him.


    Guys, get over it – that’s not that nice a car. It’s a freakin’ C-class sedan. Every CPA and Chiropractor around here has something like that. Lease it, they’re not that expensive. A plumber could afford one, if he was dorky enough to drive it.

    Like Benny said, most likely the guy is cheating and he got a message.