how the media can manipulate our viewpoint

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    This is why I only buy widescreen format.


    Also: “Drink this delicious water or we’ll fucking shoot you!”



    Jesus Christ



    GIMME JABAJABAZA!! (or gtfo)


    The waters probably poisoned.


    The poison is probably wet.


    the poison is probably poisonous.


    Nothing wrong here, getting a drink of whiskey and having his head scratched by a good buddy

    interesting pic though


    I hate that they do that. They trick me into thinking one way about a story/incident, only later to see it in context and it could have a completely opposite meaning. Same thing w/ partial quotes. A single sentence quote, taken from a paragraph, w/out context is meaningless, at best. At worst, it’s lying.


    The sad irony here is that the media, for the most part, has almost complete control of what we hear and learn about almost everything. We would hear about precious little about anything if not for the media, but it is often worse than the proverbial grapevine, with the story getting skewed and spun at each stage of the recording and telling, based on the motives and/or view point of the teller.

    The best we can do is as karlskamera suggests, look for multiple sources, and try to seek out the most objective ones. IE Don’t watch FOX News…


    nice how you contradict yourself in the same sentence. Watching fox is good. Trying to catch some BCC is good.


    There is no contradiction. I said watch multiple reputable sources. Fox News has demonstrated, on more occasions than I care to recount, a distinct inability to provide clear, complete, and objective news coverage.

    IMHO, Watching FOX is a waste of time that could be better spent getting news from other objective, unbiased and reliable sources.


    I am unsure what would be wrong with this picture, edited or not.


    Also why I blame the media for a good portion of ignorance and idiocy in our society as well as for influencing those for one political opinion or the other rather than presenting facts and letting them decide for themselves. I prefer foreign media coverage of the US politics (BBC anyone?), as its usually less slanted, albeit never completely so.


    I confess, I’m astounded that anyone thought this was worth mentioning. I mean, for goodness sake, this is a revelation? That if someone lies to you, or withholds information, you’ll come away with a false impression? There was someone who wasn’t already aware of that? I think the important questions are things like: Who is most motivated to try to misrepresent material fact? What is the motivation of the source of a story? THis is why it pays to listen to a wide variety of sources. (I won’t bother pointing out that if you had, for example, unquestioningly accepted that… Read more »


    So we should nevere talk about societal ills that everyone knows about? No wonder so few people put effort into minimizing their over effect on us.


    Of course we know that. This is a pic designed to get a discussion. How did you not get that?


    The gun is so this motherfucker won’t drink the whole water.


    The subtle details get manipluated and varied, yes, but at the end of the day, homie still has a gun to his head, and if it wasnt there in the first place, there’d be nothing to manipulate.


    Looks to me like the guy with the gun is at least several feet away, and standing with the gun in the ready position. Not necessarily pointing at that guy, just the camera angle


    what’s that zip tied onto the top of the gun?


    Infrared laser?


    They do have a point though, I mean, if it weren’t for the original picture included in the the middle, I would think that war was devoid of color.


    Pretty damn sure all the fucking media these days WOULDN’T cut this image down.


    You can never be too sure about that. There’s probably someone deciding we don’t need the whole truth and thus controlling what we think.


    “Don’t give them too much info, it will only confuse them. Just simple things, commies bad, Muslims terrorists, America good fuck yeah, freedom freedom”


    controlling the media helps control public opinion, then they tell us that what freedom to the press is, freedom to tell the world what the politicians want said

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