American Merc In Action

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    now available @ cost-co. For all your merc needs.




    That is so Call of Duty 4…


    Dear Lord, this is the 2nd time;

    They’re American Army Special Forces.


    SPECIAL Forces, trained in unconventional warfare, such as the Green Berets, SEALs, and AF-PTs sometimes stay embedded in areas for months and have to blend in while not killin’ people, so they grow beardz. JFGI.


    Yeah, And mercs would be wearing that Multicam stuff, Not the desert pattern.


    No really redstar, American SOF don’t follow a strict uniform requirement. They pretty much wear what they want (unless their commanding officer forbids a particular item). Demo, do you mean AF-PJs, because PJs are not SOF, even if they think they are. Not to take away from them (they are highly trained, motivated and equipped), but I served with them in many places including Afghanistan, and many of them tend to have a inflated chip on their shoulder and I have personally watched SEALS put the PJs in their place when PJs attempt to assume to be their equal. Which… Read more »


    That’s an SF team not friggin mercenaries.


    Not US SF. Notice the caucasion guy 2nd from the right, he’s wearing glasses (as in vision correction). I’m not 100% certain about US Army but I KNOW SEALs don’t wear glasses, it’s a disqualifer.

    I’m going with Blackwater


    Haha gor’s right, I meant PJ’s. Freudian slip on my part, I was worried about all the PT i have to do all next week. Ever notice how you hate working out while you’re headed to the gym, love working out while you’re doing it, and then miss working out so much you want to go back for more when you’re done? As for glasses, yeah you can wear glasses in SF. Your visions has to be CORRECTABLE to 20/20, not corrected to. SEALs wear contacts most of the time if they don’t opt for Lasik and Army SPECDEV get… Read more »


    what’s with that one kneepad?


    that is an SF team for sure, SF can wear whatever they want so they could wear multicam, but Mercs would not be wearing cooking dough desert pattern.


    Not a Merc, most likely Green Berets. These guys don’t get paid to fight, they fight for their country and bleed red, white & blue!!


    Thanks for the correction on the visual acuity thing Demo.

    I’m still leaning towards civilians though, I’m just not getting an active duty vibe from these guys. Oh well, whatever the case they’ve got the BAMF look going for them.


    *** “Not US SF. Notice the caucasion guy 2nd from the right, he’s wearing glasses (as in vision correction). I’m not 100% certain about US Army but I KNOW SEALs don’t wear glasses, it’s a disqualifer.”***

    not a flame response – just saying – there are plenty of SF guys with glasses. It’s not a dis-qualifier


    One kneepad might imply that shooting in the kneeling position sucks when you’re kneeling on rocks.

    My best friend has been with 5th and 7th Groups as well as USASOC for the past nine years, and I work with 10th Group here at Ft Carson…. & wearing glasses isn’t a disqualifier.

    They wear what they want, and use what they want to maximize efficiency to execute the mission.


    Yeah, besides the fact that almost everything in the picture is USGI standard issue (noting the short whip antenae, the pistol belt, and recognizing that I have the same kneepad…), and all the BW guys I’ve met have a hardon for new shit (not that that is a bad thing).


    SF…not Blackwater (pansie ass cowboy amateurs)…could also be Delta Force.


    This is SF for sure. The dude in the back is a terp or a civilian CA dude. notice he’s not packing at all and is looking around feverishly knowing that he will be the first to get shot…


    SF. The beards are a Afghani culture thing. Afghani men do not respect males without beards (or they didn’t until they realized that we didn’t need beards to kick their ass)