Cloverfield Monster Fan Art

CloverfieldMonster.jpg (171 KB)

From Here:

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    Too big. But not bad.



    Whaddya mean by “too big”?

    Do you have more details on the size of the monster from this movie?

    If so, please gimme gimme gimme!


    No, but I think its roughly the same size as the Statue of Liberty.


    Is that what the thing is supposed to look like? If so that is fucking badass!


    why are there three in the picture? are the other two like the parents? making the big one like the offspring of a crab and a snail and a salamander?

    I shall call it “snalamarab”!


    No, the two smaller things on the right are a side and bottom view of the “Monster Lice” — the little parasites hanging out on the big guy. Course, they’re not exactly “little”.

    I think they got the Monster Lice design from Giant Isopods.

    Billy Manic

    It’s still just fan art, and not the official monster.


    Seconding Billy Manic’s comment. It’s not the actual monster, just the work of an extremely talented artist theorising what the monster could look like.


    It looks like a mutated blue whale, and with crabs, maybe it hooked up with the wrong chick (or guy, I don’t know the gender of the monster). It would be nice that the real monster of Cloverfield is something like the picture(or better), but I’m frightened that it will suck, I hope I’m just paranoic and not foreseeing the future of a hyped film.


    Whale + crab + giant isopod?