Notice the paint job right underneath the canopy, it’s supposedly a “Faux canopy” to confuse other pilots in a close encounter dog fight. Of course, how often do you get close enough to see the other pilot? Not as often as you would think. Most engagements are long distance affairs with missles and rockets doing most of the talking. Or…maybe I’m just talking about of my ass.

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    After having spoke with a few Canadian pilots when I was trying to get into the air force, I now understand how the fake canopy works. It is effective but only in a dog fight situation. Say after you have fired all your long range missles that can destroy a target from 10 miles away. The pilots say that in a dog fight, when you may only get a quick glimps of a passing jet but have to use your spatial abilities to determine which direction it is going, the fake canopy can fool you. You turn into where you think the plane is supposed to be, only to find it turning onto you from the other side.

    Wonder if I can get one painted on a Cessna.

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