pink golfer

pink golfer

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Nobody could golf in those heels.


    probably not but there is no harm in letting her try!


    I love golf….


    I want to hit her hole in one.


    I’d love to see her putt wearing that but imagine what she’d do to the green in those shoes! NOW that would be great!


    Could you imagine getting caught in her sand trap? I definitely think it would be OVER par!


    If she’s trying to measure her shot, she’s doing it wrong.


    Everyone… are we really gonna NOT make these punchlines?

    “I’ve got a wood for her”


    “She could grip my iron with both hands, too.”


    I’d love to put on her green.


    She’d give me a high par.


    I would totally have anal sex with her.


    way to be direct.


    You are my hero. I lold. Hard.


    Damn it! I was trying not to fap for a few days…well I still aren’t but this makes me want to real bad


    Give it up dude. Just fap. It’s not good for your balls to save up that all that jizz. It can give you cancer, you know.

    And by the way, if you’re rolling in honeys as you claim why are you having to resist the urge to fap and drink alone? That smacks of a man with no tacos at his disposal!


    I can’t stand people nowadays.

    The other day I had this 16 year old over and she had a 32oz of tecate and was claiming she was hella drunk and couldn’t walk…she was super annoying…I finally got her back to my house to watch wanted and she WOULD NOT STOP TALKING and going on about how nobody is texting her and her man doesn’t call or text her.

    I hate having to deal with humans.


    Yeah, and then Chris Hansen interrupted. What a dick.


    I hate having to deal with humans too, especially you.


    And we all hate having to deal with you Graham Wellington.

    “What the fuck have you done lately?”

    If anyones proof not to trust/like your fellow human being, look into a fucking mirror douchebag.


    When I look into a mirror I just check myself out.

    It’s at night when I go to bed that I cry myself to sleep thinking about what a terrible person I am.


    Dude, she clearly wanted attention, why didn’t you give it to her pooper?


    She wasn’t hot…I just wanted to chill with her thinking she was cool but she turned out to be one of those girls who like guys to take advantage of them when they are drunk.

    I hate stupid bitches like that. So fucking irresponsible.


    Have to have good use of your shaft and head to go for birdie on that hole.

    purple banana

    Hand me the open faced club! The sand wedge!

    Mmmm… Open-faced club sandwich…


    who is she? she’s hot


    something something something BALLS!