Blood Rayne 2


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    Hmmm… Dunno, I’m torn about whether I liked Kristanna Lokens BloodRayne better… Think I’m leaning heavily towards Kristanna tho…


    im torn about whether or not im into suck…..wait no im not


    Is it the background and the writing or the crappy pose and getup of the girl that makes this picture suck so much?


    This movie was so horrid, and the only good part of the first one was that sex scene in the prison, and even that kind of weirded me out, because I seem to recall the guy was a flaming pussyfist. Aggressive girls are hot, but pacifist guys aren’t (not that I find any guys hot…dammit).


    Actually i think that would depend on the nature of sucking in question… 😛

    I think it’s a combination of all three… Which is a shame because Natassia Malthe is actually cute. This picture really does her a disservice.

    Thanks for the heads up, I haven’t actually seen it, and therefore won’t waste my time doing so… 😉


    You’re welcome. It’s like one of those movies where you watch it, and you get the feeling you’ve seen it before, because the plot is so straightforward, and the lines are so cheesy and predictable.


    Agreed. The movie sucked, no pun intended.

    I just can’t believe they made a second one after the travesty of the first one…

    Not to mention how bad BR2 the game was….

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