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I am digging the new series. Karen Gillian, me likey. Serious cuteness.

Webster Smogpule

Oh yes.
Nicest kebab skewers I’ve seen since – oh – my last carrier pigeon.


Who’s the doctor?


A genetic clone of Conan O’Brien with the genes for red hair taken out and replaced with extra large dose of added dorkiness.

From all accounts however he is reported to be an OK doctor. I’m guessing having the cuteness by his side makes him exponentially better as a Doctor. But I haven’t actually seen the new series, so my opinion might be biased. :/


enjoying the new series too. strange with a rude doctor.


Matt Smith is a great doctor.

Karen Gillan is a hot babe.

Which one will have a career?


I’m enjoying the current Ten season as well, though I didn’t Nine like what Amy did at the end Eight of the Flesh and Stone Seven. We had enough Six of that with Rose and Five Martha, so I really hope it Four doesn’t go that direction Three. The next episode looks Two good though. One.