The ultimate…

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farmer tan!

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    tiki god

    this isn’t a farmer’s tan, this is….something else?


    Definitely not a farmers tan… I’m willing to bet congenital condition…


    I’ve heard of being black from the waist down, but this is out of control.


    I’m diggin that wisegeek site Nyokki. Thanks for that.

    +1 for you.


    It is possible he works outdoors a lot without a shirt but with pants and shoes…a roofer comes to mind. I’ve seen many of them putting the roof on shirtless, but they’re fully covered from the waist down. To me he just looks really tan from the waist up, but a normal white guy from the waist down.


    Hi, I am the author of this picture, please see link
    Michele is an ukranian carpenter living in Naples(Italy) where this picture was taken. The tan and white legs are authentic.
    Please credit my image to Paola de Grenet
    thank you

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