The equal rights of the DEVIL

The equal rights of the DEVIL.jpg

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    Meh the devil seems to have always gotten a raw deal, but what can you expect? God killed at least 7 million people in the bible and Lucifer killed about 10. The devil gets blamed for Adam & Eve getting booted from Eden yet it was god who forbade them knowledge and then punished them making a choice using that free will he gave them. When a person does something bad they often say “the devil made me do it” but when natural disasters kill dozens or hundreds or thousands that is called “an act of god”. According to the… Read more »

    Old Tofu

    god punishes for eating from the “tree of knowledge” , satan wants free will for man. who is your real friend ?

    Chet Manley

    When? When did the devil demand equal rights?

    Old Tofu

    i thought it was him wanting humans to have free will